Bride faints at the ceremony table, the reaction of the groom makes blood rise

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The moment the bride fainted on the wedding day went viral. The bride suddenly fainted at the ceremony table when the penghulu recited a prayer.

This event was shared by the TikTok account @vhina.angelina23. Until this news was published, the video has been viewed at least 4 million times and received 150 thousand likes.

“The longing is so deep that it’s deep in the heart,” wrote this account as a TikTok statement as quoted by, Friday (3/9/2021).

In the video, the bride and groom sit together to perform the marriage ceremony. The two of them together with the penhulu seemed to read a prayer at the ceremony table.

Suddenly, the bride fainted in a sitting position. The female relatives who saw it immediately came forward and rebutted the bride’s head.

They tried to resuscitate the bride. A number of men also seemed to come forward to provide assistance to the bride.

But the highlight is the reaction of the groom. He, who sat next to his future wife, just watched.

The groom did not react at all to help the bride. Instead, he just continued to watch even though a number of invited guests had come forward.

Suddenly, the groom’s reaction got a sharp spotlight from the public. Warganet wrote various comments, ranging from blaspheming to admitting that they were excited to see the groom’s attitude.

“I’m so excited to see the boy, why don’t the girl stay silent like that. Where do you think someone like that wants to be a family priest,” blasphemed the netizen.

“Tomorrow, if the wife gives birth, it’s just a plonga-plongo,” said the netizen.

“I’m excited to see the guy just standing there, there’s no reaction,” I said.

“It seems the guy is not sensitive,” added another.

“Is this consent granted yet? If not, then cancel. Men are not alert when they see the girl like that. My gems,” commented the netizen.

“Who’s the one who fainted? Girl or boy? Why is the boy more helpless? Planga-plongo, please help!,” another condemned.

“Auto immediately divorced,” said the netizen.

“Marriage is like an arranged marriage, the guy doesn’t have the slightest response. How come the girl is like that, just keep quiet,” denounced the netizen.

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