Check the Gynecology, Paula Verhoeven Surprised, Baim Wong’s Second Child Prospective Experience Unusual Conditions

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Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven are currently expecting their second child. The prospective sister of Kiano Tiger Wong has now entered the age of 8 months in Paula Verhoeven’s womb. Only one month left to give birth, Paula Verhoeven also checked her womb.

Launching from Tribun Style, the moment when Paula Verhoeven checked the womb was recorded on Baim Paula’s YouTube show, Friday (3/9/2021). “Bosque, the queue is very crowded. Now waiting for blood pressure checks, it’s normal to weigh things like that,” said Paula Verhoeven.

Baim Wong’s wife then told the difference in her body condition when she was pregnant with her second child with Kiano’s first pregnancy. “Just gained 15 kilos, you know. In the past, when Kiano gained 25 kg, this is an increase of 15 kg,” he said.

Paula Verhoeven also expressed gratitude because she did not gain too much weight like when she was pregnant with Kiano. “Alhamdulillah, I’m not really fat like Kiano yesterday,” he explained happily.

It was Paula Verhoeven’s turn to be examined and the condition of the prospective baby was shown via ultrasound. “Kiano want to see grandpa or not? But it’s not very visible,” Paula Verhoeven asked his son.

“It’s never been seen, really,” said Baim Wong. After seeing the face of the prospective baby, Paula Verhoeven highlighted his resemblance to his eldest son.

“His lips are the same as Kiano’s,” said Paula Verhoeven while showing Kiano her ultrasound photo. After the examination, Paula Verhoeven was made to gawk when she found out the condition of the fetus in her womb.

He also revealed the results of his examination with the gynecologist. “He said it was big. He said ‘it’s really long ma’am’. ‘How long is the dock?’

“Si Kiano was born 51 cm. It can be that (the baby-to-be) 51-52 cm is said to be very long!” said Paula Verhoeven. What surprised Paula Verhoven was the weight of the baby.

Because, the prospective second child weighs more than the fetus in general.

“Then the weight is heavier than his normal age. He is 2 kg, he should be 1.8 kg at this age but this is 2 kg,” he said.

Even so, Paula and Baim Wong are grateful that the condition of the prospective baby is in good health.


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