Citra Kirana Insinuates A Person Who Has Many Clarifications: `Continuous Defense, Tired’ | 1NEWS

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Who is the figure that Citra Kirana refers to in the video upload on her Insta Story?

Dream – Citra Kirana’s instastory upload on her Instagram account provoked the curiosity of netizens. The mother of one child suddenly expressed her feelings that she was tired of hearing someone’s defense.

Without mentioning the name of the person who likes to make defenses, the wife of Rezky Aditya said someone had given many clarifications so that it made him tired.

“Hah, too many clarifications. The defense continues. Tired of it,” said Citra in a video upload while in the car with her husband.

Still puzzled about the figure he is talking about through the instastory, the artist who is usually called Ciki said this message was conveyed to those who understood.

“For those who know,” he wrote briefly.

Kirana's image sarcastically© Instagram

The upload of the soap opera player ‘Beloved Wife’ who made a vent without mentioning his name was directly linked to his debt problem with Medina Zein.

As is known, Medina recently provided clarification regarding the problems that Citra Kirana had complained about via Instagram uploads. Medina confirmed that the problem between them was not related to the transaction of branded bags.

Medina said the debt referred to by the 27-year-old actress was payment from the cancellation of her contract as a brand ambassador for her beauty products.

With the time that is quite close between the vent and the clarification, it is not surprising that many netizens who responded to Ciki’s upload were addressed to Medina.

“Ciki is tired,” said @_meisaaaa.

“Sis ciki is like this, I’m so sick of it,” guessed @jeanshahz.

“Ciki’s class as a comment means that the person is really serious,” commented @cloverhoneyoriginal.(Legal)

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Not About Bags, Medina Zein Reveals His Debt to Citra Kirana

Dream – After Rachel Vennya collects the debt of branded bags to Medina Zein, not long ago Citra Kirana did the same thing. Rezky Aditya’s wife also collected something that was owed by Medina to him.

Medina Zein finally disclosed about Citra’s debts. According to the celebrity, the problem with the famous artist Ciki is different from Rachel.

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Medina said that Citra had collected payment debt from canceling her contract as a brand ambassador for beauty products that she had promised.

“Yesterday, Ciki was going to become a Brand Ambassador, but it didn’t happen, the contract was canceled. If it’s the same with Ciki, there are no other problems,” said Medina Zein, quoted from the KH Infotaiment Youtube channel.

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Debt has been settled

Medina admitted that there was a payment that had not been paid to Citra. But he made sure the problem had been resolved.

“But maybe yesterday, we haven’t paid our obligations yet. There are some that haven’t been paid effort (collecting debt, ed) just like that,” said Medina.

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Lukman Azhari, the husband from Medina also confirmed that his wife’s meeting with Citra Kirana had already taken place and both of them had resolved this issue well.

“I’ve met with Ciki, we’ve had a good discussion, we’ve finished everything in good faith,” said Lukman.

(legitimate, Source: Youtube KH Entertainment)

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Citra Kirana’s Turn to Collect Debt from Medina Zein

Dream – The name of a beauty clinic entrepreneur, Medina Zein, has recently become a public spotlight after the celebrity celebrity Rachel Vennya, collects money in the comments column of Instagram @medinazein, on Saturday, August 29, 2021.

Now the two problems have been resolved and are known to be misunderstandings. Unexpectedly, it was Citra Kirana’s turn to speak up. Through her Instagram, the woman who is familiarly called Ciki shared a screenshot of Rachel Vennya’s clarification.

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Kirana's Image© Instagram @tante_rempong_official

Not without reason, it turns out that Citra also collects money from Medina. According to his confession, he was only given proof of the transfer but the funds sent had not yet arrived.

“When did I get LUNASIN?? @medinazein. I was also given proof of the transfer but it didn’t appear in the money,” he wrote.

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Said Medina Zein

Unfortunately, the upload of Rezky Aditya’s wife has been deleted. However, the post continued to be redistributed by several gossip accounts, one of which was @tante_rempong_official.

Medina Zein's post© Instagram @medinazein

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Until this article was written, Medina Zein had not provided any clarification regarding Citra Kirana’s money. He only clarified that the problem concerning him had been resolved, but did not mention what the case was.

He uploaded the information via Instagram Stories @medinazein, Sunday, August 29, 2021.

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Hermes Bag Debt Chaos, Medina Zein and Rachel Vennya Clarified

Dream – Rachel Vennya’s comments on Instagram entrepreneur Medina Zein on August 28, 2021 yesterday caused a stir. The reason, Rachel collects a debt to Medina that has not been repaid.

Of course, Rachel’s comment became a ‘hot’ discussion for netizens. Medina even turned off the comment column on one of his uploads on Instagram @medinazein. Some time later, Rachel clarified on her Instastory that the debt had been paid off by Medina.

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Medina also made a video explaining the chronology of debts between herself and Rachel. Medina told me that Rachel sold her Hermes Ostrich bag for Rp.480 million.

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Medina Clarification

Medina only paid half. He revealed that it had not been fully repaid due to technical problems at the bank.

“Rachel entrusted me to sell the bag, I transferred the accounting and after the transfer, it turned out that the transfer didn’t come back. Yesterday Rachel checked it didn’t come in, I’ve transferred it to Rachel a few days ago, because the limit for mBanking is only one hundred million a day, while transThe fee is 480 million, I’ve transferred 200 million, then everything has been transferred to me,” said Medina.

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Both Medina and Rachel have both provided clarification about the debt for the sale of the Hermes bag.

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