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Borneo FC started their work in BRI Liga 1 2021/2022 with a convincing victory. Pesut Etam won 3-1 over Persebaya Surabaya in the first week at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Bekasi, Saturday (4/9/2021) night.

Borneo FC scored three goals each by Muhammad Sihran (8′), Terens Puhiri (49′), and Guy Junior (61′). Meanwhile, one goal from Persebaya was scored by Ricky Kambuaya in the 76th minute.

Borneo FC started this match by applying pressure from the first minute. As a result, Mario Gomez’s team managed to score a goal before the game went ten minutes.

It started with the Persebaya defender who failed to anticipate the movement of the front line of Borneo FC in the eighth minute. The defenders of Bajul Ijo were too focused on the movement of Francisco Torres who was seen making an effort in the penalty box.

In that situation, wing striker Muhammad Sihran emerged who was free to receive the ball after being fed by Torress. Sihran also struck the ball into the Persebaya goal after goalkeeper Ernando Ari Sutaryadi died reading the opponent’s movements.

In a superior condition, Borneo FC still continues to attack repeatedly. The Pesut Etam squad relies on midfielder Jonathan Bustos who acts as an attack regulator. Terens Puhiri did not miss to attack with his dribbling speed.

On the other hand, Persebaya even found it difficult to penetrate the defense of Borneo FC. Many times their attack attempts are easily thwarted by the opponent. Defense line Javlov Guseynov et al. still too tough.

Bajul Ijo’s first chance finally appeared in the 31st minute after winger Mochammad Supriadi was brought down near the penalty box. Hambali Tolib appeared as the executor of the free kick, but his shot was wide.

Bustos’ appearance which was very offensive then again made it difficult for Persebaya. He repeatedly sent the ball to Terens Puhiri and Torres which made it difficult for Ernando to serve him.

Bustos then had the opportunity to get on the scoreboard in the 41st minute. Unfortunately, the ball shot still bounced.

Persebaya’s chance to score a goal re-emerged in first-half injury time. Striker Johan Yoga Utama received a cross which he finished with a header. However, the ball has not met the target.

No more goals were created and the 1-0 score lasted until the referee blew the whistle marking the end of the first half.

Entering the second half, Borneo still appeared aggressive and tried to double its advantage. The effort again paid off as they were 2-0 up in the 49th minute. Bustos is still an important actor in the birth of Borneo’s goal.

This time, he sent Terens Puhiri through in a counterattack situation. Terens was dribbling the ball with his running speed to escape the control. Even Terens Puhiri was able to outwit Ernando

Left behind by two goals, Persebaya players tried to dare to come out and take control of the game. Young midfielder Akbar Firmansyah almost got his name on the scoreboard in the 54th minute. But the shot still goes high.

Borneo even scored again in a situation Persebaya was too focused on attacking. In the 61st minute, Guy Junior, who had just entered, contributed a goal through his action in the heart of the Bajul Ijo defense after receiving a pass from Bustos.

The Persebaya players did not hesitate to attack by remaining brave and putting pressure on a condition that was three goals down. Midfielder Rendi Irwan had time to open fire in the shooting room, but the ball still bounced in the 64th minute.

Aji Santoso’s squad finally scored a reply entering the 76th minute through midfielder Ricky Kambuaya. The 25-year-old player successfully executed a shot after receiving a pass from Akbar Firmansyah.

Persebaya tried to score a second goal but until the referee ended the match the score remained 3-1 for Borneo FC’s victory.

Borneo FC (4-3-3): Angga Saputro (goalkeeper); Rifad Marasabessy, Wildansyah, Javlon Guseynov, Leo Guntara (back); Hendro Siswanto, Nouriddin Davronov, Jonathan Bustos (center); Terens Puhiri, Francisco Torres, Muhammad Sihran (front).
Coach: Mario Gomez.
Persebaya (4-3-3): Ernando Ari Sutaryadi (goalkeeper); Alwi Slamat, Rachmat Irianto, Rizky Ridho, Frank Rikhard Sokoy (back); Ady Setiawan, Ricky Kambuaya, Hambali Tolib (center); Hambali Tolib, Johan Yoga Utama, Mochammad Supriadi (front).
Coach: Aji Santoso.


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