Covid-19 Update: New Positive Cases Drop for 4 Days in a row | 1NEWS

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Today’s new positive cases are under 7,000 cases or to be precise 6,727 cases. Since September 1, 2021, new confirmed cases have continued to decline.

Dream – The development of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is still moving in a downward trend in the first four days of September 2021. In the last three days, the Covid-19 Handling Task Force even recorded that the number of new confirmed cases could be controlled below 10 thousand cases.

Despite bringing hope, the public still maintains their vigilance. Throughout the course of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, several times new cases recorded a significant decline but again spiked in the following days.

Citing data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force reported through the website, as of September 4, 2021, positive cases in this first weekend were recorded at 6,727 cases. .

Compared to the previous day of 7,797 cases, the data for new cases this time decreased by 1,070 cases or better than the decline on the previous day of 976 cases.

The accumulation of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia with the addition today to 4,123,617 cases.

Referring to the number of specimens as many as 210,431, the positivity rate in Indonesia per day has improved to the level of 3.19 percent. To note, WHO has given a standard limit for a country to control Covid-19 cases if the positivite rate is at a maximum level of 5 percent.

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Active Cases Keep Decreasing

Active cases continued to have a downward trend with a decrease in the number of 7,618 cases or a slight decrease from the previous day of 8,321 cases. So that patients who are still being treated or undergoing self-isolation are 160,669 cases.

The recovery rate, which had touched 21 thousand cases yesterday, has decreased even though the number is quite significant. As many as 13,806 cases have been declared cured, bringing the total to 3,827,449 cases.

Meanwhile, the death toll was recorded at 539 cases. The total number of patients died was 135,469 cases.

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Vaccination Development Data

Covid-19 updates© Covid-19 Task Force

Today’s first dose of vaccination is very high with 458,996 people. The total number of recipients of the first dose is now 66,353,669.

While the recipients of the second dose today were 382,619 people. The total number of people who were injected with the Covid-19 vaccine twice became 38,030,652 people.

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