Dipo Latief Reflects on Sajad Ukra Who Was Not Given Access To Meet Children By Nikita Mirzani – Latest Celeb News

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Dipo Latief apparently reflected on the case of Sajad Ukra who was not given access to meet his baby. That’s why, after trying to meet his child during childbirth but couldn’t, Dipo Latief finally decided not to try any further, because surely the results would be nil.

However, Dipo Latief was confused because he was reported to the South Jakarta Metro Police on suspicion of child neglect. In fact, his own ex-wife has closed access to him.

“The obligation (Sajad Ukra) to provide a living every month has been carried out, but he cannot get the right to meet children. I learned from that case,” said Dipo Latief when he was met in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, Friday (3/9).

In fact, if Nikita Mirzani gives access so that his son knows his father figure. Surely it wouldn’t be this complicated.

“(Live) Everything will run normally if we are not hostile and everything is open,” concluded Dipo Latief.

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