Doctor Boyke’s Duren Split Technique, Sweat Guaranteed…

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1NEWS – In an interview on YouTube Radio Sonora uploaded to YouTube, January 10, 2020 ago, Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG MARS was asked about tips for successfully splitting durians on the first night.

Instead of directly gasping in bed, he even advised the couple to take a shower together first.

“You two first, give each other soap and so on, so that we get to know our partner first,” he said.

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He said knowing your partner’s body was the first step to building intimacy while playing love.

Because according to him, intimacy can be achieved if the couple has felt comfortable with each other.

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The next step, continued Doctor Boyke, is to warm up, aka sufficient foreplay.

Warming up is needed so that couples feel more intimate with each other and also to arouse passion.

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According to him, foreplay can be done in various ways, from hugging, chatting, and so on.


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