Follow These 7 Ways to Make Hair Look Curly Naturally Without Chemicals!

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how to curl hair naturally

While pulling your hair in a bun or bun is a tough job, most girls choose to curl their hair for an invitation or for another formal event. If the method that is often practiced is using the help of a vise, plus sprays mousse or hair spray let the results last longer. The problem is, some girls don’t know how to curl their hair using natural ingredients. The reason is, not everyone must have a straightener.

Well, for those of you who want to make hair curly, you can do it without a vise or chemicals. The following Hipwee Tips will explain how to curl hair naturally. Curious? Come on, take a good look!

1. Braiding your hair while it’s still damp is the easiest way to get wavy curls

overnight braid | Credit by

  • Wash your hair, comb it gently, and towel dry it until it’s half dry.
  • Divide the hair into two sections and then braid it.
  • If you want naturally wavy hair, just make one braid.
  • Wait a while or release the next day when you wake up. Then comb with your fingers.

2. Roll your hair and pin it with bobby pin or pinch sticks

twisted with bobby pin | Credit by

The next way to curl your hair is to curl your hair. After shampooing, divide your hair into sections. Take a few sections of hair and then roll them with your thumbs then pin them with bobby pin. Do this step until all the hair is curled.

3. Roll your hair with rollers whose size can be adjusted to the curls you want

use roller | Credit by

  1. Wash your hair and then wipe with a towel until half dry and comb gently.
  2. Start curling your hair little by little until all the sections are curled.
  3. Leave it for at most 5 hours or you can leave it overnight before opening.

4. If you don’t have a roller or bobby pin, you can use an old t-shirt to be used as a hair curler

how to curl hair

use cutouts of used T-shirts | Credit by

  • Cut your shirt that is no longer used into several long sheets (strips).
  • If you want to make small curls, make a 2 cm long strip. Medium strips 7 cm for large curls.
  • Wash hair, half dry, comb.
  • Separate it into several sections and then roll your hair from the bottom up, then tie it. Wait or take it to bed.

5. Make a bun that is twisted on both sides of your head. Can be clamped bobby pin or tied with a regular hair tie

slapped twist | Credit by

Making a bun can also be a powerful way to curl your hair. Just splash a little water on your hair, no need to wash it first. Then comb your hair so it doesn’t tangle. Divide the hair into two equal parts. Twist your hair in one direction and start making a bun. Do the same on the other side. Take it off the next day to get beautiful curls.

6. You can also use socks to get wavy hair that is more voluminous

how to curl hair

curl hair with socks | Credit by

  • Have clean socks ready. Cut the neck about 4 cm then roll it and shape it like a donut.
  • Separate the hair into two parts, ponytail at the top of the head with the socks that have been cut earlier.
  • Twist the rest of your hair and wrap it around the sock. Let it sit for 6-8 hours before untying it.

7. You can also curl your hair with the help of a bandana. Oiya, here you need hair dryer

rolled up in a bandana | Credit by

Wear a bandana while your hair is still damp. Then divide your hair into two sections and gently pin them into the bandana. Dry your hair with hair dryer. Remove the bandana and run your fingers through your hair.

Those are seven powerful ways you can do to curl your hair. How about it, easy isn’t it? In addition to preventing your hair from damage and dryness, you also don’t need to spend money to go to the salon. Good luck!

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