Funeral Process Full of Haru, Friends and Fans So Lost Over Eben Burgerkill’s departure

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Sad news came from the music scene of the country. The guitarist for the famous metal band Burgerkill, Aries Tanto, has died. The man better known as Eben died on Friday, September 3, 2021. It is known, Eben died while filming,

Eben’s passing is certainly surprising news for music fans and a number of Indonesian musicians. Not without reason, Eben is one of the metal music frontman in the city of Bandung and Indonesia. Fans as well as a number of musicians expressed their condolences for the departure of the Extreme Moshpit host. Now, Eben is at peace and buried in his yard.

Eben Burgerkill was buried in his yard on Saturday morning, September 4, 2021. The funeral procession was attended by his family and closest relatives as well as a number of Indonesian musicians

On Friday, September 3, 2021, Eben Burgerkill was declared dead. The owner of the real name Aries Tanto was rushed to the Bungsu Hospital in Bandung before finally taking his last breath. Then on Saturday morning, September 4, 2021, Eben was buried in his yard. The funeral procession for the Metal Ujung Berung frontman was broadcast live on Burgerkill’s official Instagram page.

Before being buried, Eben’s body was prayed at his house. Anggi Pratiwi, the wife of Eben Burgerkill, witnessed the entire procession of her husband’s funeral. It looks like Anggi is trying to stay strong even though sadness is really raging in her heart. Losing a husband as well as a life partner is certainly not an easy thing to pass.

The sadness of friends and musicians in the country was very clearly seen during the Eben Burgerkill funeral procession

Friends cry at Eben Burgerkill’s funeral/Credit: Instagram @burgerkillofficial

Besides being accompanied by his wife and Burgerkill band personnel, a number of public figures and Indonesian musicians were also seen attending the Eben Burgerkill funeral procession. Some of the people seen included members of the Seringai band, Arian and Ricky Siahaan, then Gebeg from the Taring band, Edi Brokoli, Man Jasad and many other musicians and relatives who were also present.

Sadness overshadows Indonesian musicians, especially those who have known the guitarist when he was young. Seen many friends who also cried over the loss of Eben Burgerkill. The closest person to Eben, Gebeg alias Rahmat, was seen weeping while he was next to his friend’s grave. He didn’t talk much and only prayed for the peace of his friend. Apart from Gebeg, the vocalist of the band Seringai, Arian also looks so gloomy and sad. He couldn’t believe he had lost someone he had been friends with for 25 years.

Finally, goodbye, Eben Burgerkill! Thank you for your works that have succeeded in entertaining and inspiring young Indonesians. May your deeds and worship be accepted by his side. rest in power, Kang Eben, we love you!

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