Gene Simmons Reveals Who Killed The Music Industry

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Gene Simmons Says Music Fans Are Killing The Music Industry

Posted on: 09/4/21 at 12:00 pm

Gene Simmons KISS (Photo: Instagram @genesimmons).

Gene Simmons, the legendary hard rock band bass ripper, KISS, recently made another controversial statement. In his interview session with US Weekly, he expressed his opinion regarding the downturn in the music industry. Consumers are considered more appreciative of accessing a work without having to pay compared to owning it.

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“In general, rookie artists will never have the opportunities we once had. The record company will give us millions of dollars plus the royalty system and so on,” Simmons said. Dan continued, “It’s harder for today’s generation of musicians to earn money through music because fans are smarter now to enjoy music without having to pay for it. Very different from the musicians of the past, we create works, sign contracts, get a share of royalties and luckily fans buy physical releases and so on.”

Gene continued, “Who do you think killed the music business? No doubt the fans did it. This condition is clearly different from the past. More fans are now “stealing” to enjoy the work than buying the work itself”. As reported by

Simmons tries to make an analogy with the story in another context while continuing, “Imagine that you are a farmer and your merchandise is eggs and chicken. Then on one occasion a cute little fox came to steal eggs. Feeling that his goods had been stolen, the farmer tried to shoot the cute fox but the farmer’s wife said, ‘Hey that fox is so cute’ and the fox continued to take his stolen eggs to the fox herd and he said to the herd, ‘let’s go find chickens and eggs. , we have the source’.

Gene Simmons Analogy Rock Industry like a circus in a ship

“Then over time you’ll realize there’s no more chicken, no more eggs. Farmers are also out of business. Trucks delivering farmer’s goods to the market also went out of business because they had no goods to deliver. Supermarkets that sell these items are also out of business. Everyone went out of business because of the first crack. The first small hole in the titanic ship and it ended up sinking the entire ship.”

This is the umpteenth time away from the moment Gene Simmons first spoke about the dismal state of rock music today. In 2014 he told the magazine Esquire “Rock will not die of aging, but rock will die of being killed. A brilliant person wherever he is will find a place to express. This is not happening now. Nobody pays you to do that.”

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Several rock and heavy metal musicians have tried to raise this topic in various interviews and recent discourses on the words expressed by Simmons, but there has been no further in-depth counseling.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that the problem can go this deep until the musician or musician himself makes a sound. Indeed, one way that we can still enjoy the music/band we like is to buy the release of his work. Maybe there are many other ways, such as coming to their concerts and so on, but either way, appreciation for a work that we like and enjoy is a must for fans so that the music ecosystem can continue to run.

Translator, Writer & Editor: Arslan Musyfia

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