Get Married Soon, Here Are 6 Portraits Of Joy Tobing And Her Prospective Husband

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Joy Tobing

It’s been a long time since we heard about it, singer Joy Tobing has just been proposed to by her lover, a Colonel Officer from the Army (AD) named Cahyo Permono.

After her divorce lawsuit against Daniel Sinambela was granted by the court in 2013, the talent search dropout looked even more stunning with her latest glowing and beautiful appearance.

After 8 years of living as single parent, Joy seems to have decided to choose Cahyo Permono as her life partner until the end of her life.

Even though they went through a short period of closeness, it did not dampen Joy Tobing and Cahyo’s intention to step into the aisle. Evidently, Cahyo has also officially proposed to Joy Tobing, at the end of last August.

The mother of one child is rumored to be getting married with Cahyo Permono this September. Unfortunately, it is not known for sure when the two will go up the aisle.

6 Portraits of Joy Tobing and Her Future Husband

The closeness of the two began to be detected by the public since April 26, 2021. Since then, the two have been sharing intimate moments on each other’s Instagram more often.

What does Joy Tobing’s portrait with her future husband look like? Let’s take a look at the photos here!

1. Joy Tobing and Cahyo Permono’s Romantic Pose

Romantic Pose with Husband, Cahyo Permono (Instagram/@yoxforchrist/@joydestinytobing)

Joy will be back up the aisle at the age of 40 years. Even though they are four heads, Joy and Cahyo are still romantic like just a newlywed couple.

Just look at the romantic portrait above, the happy looks that radiated from the faces of the two couldn’t cover these two people who were intoxicated with romance.

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2. Running Pre-wedding on the Military Ground

Joy and future husband Undertaking Prewedding on Military Grounds (Instagram/@yoxforchrist)

Ahead of their happy day, the two seem to have had a photo session pre-wedding which carries the military concept.

Because the future husband is a member of the Indonesian Army, both of them choose the concept and location pre-wedding related to Cahyo Permono’s work.

As an army officer, Cahyo and Joy were seen having a photo shoot on the military runway.

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3. Spend Special Moments Together Like A Family

Joy and family Spending Special Moments Together like a Family (Instagram/@yoxforchrist)

Joy Tobing and Cahyo Permono both brought children from their previous marriage.

They have also spent holidays or special moments such as a child’s birthday together like a family.

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4. Take a Picture of Both When Applying

Joy and husband-to-be at the time of application Portrait of Both When Application (Instagram/@yoxforchrist)

In this portrait, Joy Tobing and her husband-to-be are seen undergoing a proposal procession on August 23.

The happy news was greeted with joy by his family, friends and fans. In addition to congratulating them, they also wished for the couple’s wedding plans to run smoothly until the D-Day.

5. Steady Stepping Towards the Aisle

Joy Tobing Steady Stepping Towards the Aisle (Instagram/@yoxforchrist)

Without taking much time, Joy Tobing was determined to step up the aisle and make Cahyo Permono as his life partner.

The plan, they will get married on September 24, 2021.

6. Get to know Cahyo Permono, Joy Tobing’s prospective husband

Joy's future husband Get to know Cahyo Permono (Instagram/@yoxforchrist)

Joy Tobing is now a hot topic of conversation after being proposed by a future husband. Although different professions, the two seem to complement each other.

So, for those who want to know more about Joy Tobing’s future husband, you can listen in full here, Parents!

As a member of the TNI AD unit, Cahyo Permono is not an ordinary soldier. Cahyo Permono also has a pretty brilliant career.

Evidently, one of the best pilots of the Indonesian Army has served as Commander of Squadron-11/Assault with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 2018.

He proved this achievement by earning his trust as an Apache helicopter pilot. This helicopter is one of the mainstay combat vehicles belonging to the Indonesian Army that can be used in various weather conditions.

Previously, Cahyo Permono had studied at the US Army Flight School, United States for 8-10 months of training.

This is what makes him have the best ability to fly helicopters, so he is believed to be an Apache fighter pilot.

That’s the happy news that comes from Joy Tobing and her future husband. Good luck until the next D day. Live happily ever after, Love Birds!

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