Had Wanted To Suicide Because He Was In Debt, Edrick Chang Now Earned Billions Of Rupiah

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Edrick Chang was a victim of fraud and lost billions of rupiah.  (doc.IST)

1NEWS – Edrick Chang is an entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 20. In his youth, his hobby was going to nightclubs. From this hobby, he thought of turning it into a business where he created an event organizer for events at nightclubs. In the next business, he experienced ups and downs and he admitted that he had also experienced losses in 2016.

Edrick Chang had experienced the lowest point in his life, one of which was because he became a victim of fraud and lost billions of rupiah. Until finally, after the fraud incident, he realized he had to quit his hobby in the nightlife.

“But I’m grateful that because I was tricked, I repented, repented in everything. So, there I experienced my lowest point and maybe it was a call from God to be told to repent,” said Edrick.

Edrick Chang was a victim of fraud and lost billions of rupiah. (doc.IST)

Due to this incident, he also lost his enthusiasm to live his life until Edrick thought of committing suicide. However, Edrick fought his bad thoughts by taking the things that happened as a lesson and still trying to live life by starting his business again, by buying and selling cars, renting apartments to selling food.

He did it all to continue his life that had fallen. Edrick Chang got back up to live his life, thanks to his uninterrupted prayers, in 2017 he finally got a job that matched his expectations. With the job that he lived for two years, Edrick was able to pay off his former debts.

“I intend and I pray, ora et la bora basically, pray while working, work while praying. That’s where I started to get up, had enough and thank God my life was happier too,” said Edrick Chang.

It didn’t stop there, until the pandemic came, the turnover from his new job fell by 100 percent. For a year and a half the new business did not get any income. There was no change, finally Edrick “swerved” by deciding to undergo trading and crypto.

From this investment, he can earn billions of rupiah per month in income. Edrick always advises people who are struggling to stay motivated, especially during a pandemic like this.

“In times of a pandemic like this, it makes us adapt. So, when we can adapt we will survive. So, whoever you are, whatever your background, let’s adapt and never give up. Always find a way out and find a solution, because the problem is created there must be a solution,” concluded Edrick.


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