Hazara, Descendants of ‘Genghis Khan’ in Afghanistan who Live in the Shadow of Discrimination – Boombastis

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The toughness of the Mongol forces led by Genghis Khan in the past is unquestionable. From a small area, they can conquer many areas. Therefore, this team was called the best in the world because of its incomparable prowess.

Even though they were successful in the past, it seems that their descendants today are the exact opposite. Yes, the ethnic group called the Hazara often gets extraordinary injustice. Then what is the fate of the grandchildren of the Mongols? Here’s the full review.

Hazara is called the grandson of Genghis Khan

Many people refer to one of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan as the grandchildren of Genghis Khan. This is inseparable from the traces of past history, where the Mongol troops had ruled in that place in the 13th century. The soldiers brought by Genghis Khan, some chose to settle there and became the Hazara tribe.

Mongol descent [sumber gambar]

The descendants of the Mongols in Afghanistan, reported by the BBC page, make up 9% of the total population of Afghanistan. And they live in areas near mountains and areas that are quite difficult to survive. Even today when the Taliban are in power, they are still struggling.

The discrimination that Hazara experienced

Despite being a descendant of the rulers of the past, the situation now is quite the opposite. Yes, this ethnic Hazara actually gets discriminated against in their place of residence. Investigate a calibaration, all of them are motivated by the religion they follow. Most of these ethnic Hazaras are Muslim, but they follow the Shia sect.

Ethnic Hazara [sumber gambar]

Since Sunni Islam came to power in Afghanistan, it turns out that discrimination often occurs to them. So it’s not a strange thing, if they have to be placed in areas with harsh natural conditions because of this discrimination as well. Then the question is whether when the Taliban came to power they still received the same discrimination as before?

When the Taliban came to power, they were still there

It turns out that the discrimination experienced by the Hazara is still happening. Reporting from the BBC page, the massacre of the Hazara ethnic minority still took place there while the Taliban occupied the seat of government. The reason is still the same, because of the different streams adopted by both parties. The Taliban are predominantly Sunni and the Hazaras are predominantly Shia.

Taliban in power [sumber gambar]

Actually, it is not only the Taliban who can pose a threat to the ethnic Hazara, ISIS, which is predominantly Sunni, has also terrorized this ethnic group several times, making the world condemn it. Like the fruit of simalakama, the fate of the Hazara ethnic group is in a state of flux in their own country of birth.

Hope for the next government

Although there have been several times of discrimination when the Taliban came to power, many people have not lost hope. Ethnic Hazara hope that the Taliban will actually keep its promise to eliminate discrimination that exists in Afghanistan, including them. Likewise, several world organizations, such as the United Nations, continue to try to eliminate the discrimination experienced by these ethnic groups.

Future hope [sumber gambar]

The Hazara have continued to suffer since in the previous government due to religious differences. There have been many victims who have fallen as a result of this incident, even though the ethnic Hazara themselves are the third largest group there. There is no other way but to hope that the government in the future can be better and think about their fate.

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The Hazara are probably only one of many ethnic groups in the world that are often discriminated against. Regardless of the differences, they are both citizens who have the same rights. Hopefully there is a middle way to solve this problem.

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