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Produktivitas Kerja

1NEWS – Increasing work productivity will help you get a job done. Because, you will save time because you become more focused, so that the work is completed quickly. So how to increase work productivity? Quoted from the page allodokter, follow this method.

Create job lists and schedules

Stacked work can be overwhelming. Try to slow things down by making a list of the things you need to do. Ranging from what needs to be done for one day, to one week. Put the most important things you need to do at the very top. In addition to making work effective, this method will also prevent procrastination.

Prepare your workplace well

A messy desk can break concentration and make it difficult for you to find documents or other work needs. As a result, work productivity is hampered. Try to organize your desk well, without putting too many things, especially those that are not related to work.

Avoid things that interfere with concentration

Concentration is the key in increasing work productivity. So, make sure you stay focused by staying away from things that can distract you. For example, by turning off ringtones and notifications on your cellphone.

If work allows you to listen to music, then choose music that can maintain concentration. For example, instrumental music that keeps you focused.

Make sure your work area is comfortable

Convenience also needs to be considered to increase work productivity. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, make sure to use a comfortable chair with a height that matches your posture and work desk (ergonomic). This is important to avoid back and neck pain that can interfere with work productivity.

Take a break

Increasing work productivity does not mean you have to spend yourself without resting. At least rest for 15 minutes to restore energy and enthusiasm. Do things like go outside, read a novel, do some light stretching, or listen to music.

If you feel burnout and feel you can’t deal with any work, take time off and take a short vacation. Remove your mind from work and do things that can make you happy and excited again.

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