High Cholesterol Warning! These are 3 foods that must be avoided so that you don’t experience blood clots

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High Cholesterol Warning!  These are 3 foods that must be avoided so that you don't experience blood clots

Illustration of cholesterol in the body. (Pinterest/Edited by 1NEWS)

High cholesterol is a condition in which the body has too many fatty substances in the blood. This substance, known as cholesterol, if the levels are too much it can cause blockages in blood vessels.

Clogged blood vessels increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is because it can limit the blood supply to the heart and the rest of the body.

However, it is not easy to know if you have high cholesterol. The reason is that there are no clear symptoms and can be realized by naked eye when cholesterol levels in the body are high.

Even so, it has been proven that one of the causes of high cholesterol is food. That way, you are more likely to have high cholesterol if you eat certain foods. What foods can increase cholesterol levels in the body?

Full Fat Milk

Charity Heart UK recommends avoiding consumption of full-fat dairy foods. Full-fat foods include milk, cheese and yogurt.

These dairy foods contain cholesterol, and are also high in saturated fat.

Reducing the amount of animal foods in your diet is an easy way to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. However, if you prefer to eat dairy foods, simply swap full-fat versions for skimmed or low-fat varieties.

“You can still eat these foods if you are at risk for high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease, but it is very important that you regularly monitor your cholesterol levels,” said Charity Heart UK. Express (4/9/2021).

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