In the past 4 TNI soldiers were shot, General Gatot was angry and immediately returned from Australia – 1NEWS

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Army Chief of Staff, General Gatot Nurmanyto

Four Indonesian Army soldiers were shot dead by 50 KKB separatist groups who attacked TNI soldiers while sleeping at the Kisor Posramil, West Papua, early Thursday 2 September 2021. In response to the shooting of TNI soldiers, the XVIII/Kausari Military Commander, Major General I Nyoman Cantiasa immediately dispatched a unit. the troops deployed Battalion Battalion 762/VYS and Kodim 1809/Maybrat to destroy the attacking group of TNI soldiers.

So 7 years ago, Army Chief of Staff General Gatot Nurmantyo was furious when 4 TNI soldiers were shot by Brimob troops in Batam. Immediately, Gatot flew from Australia as soon as he found out that his soldiers were being shot at by the authorities.

4 TNI soldiers shot by Brimob

So almost 7 years ago, 4 TNI soldiers from the 134th Infantry Battalion Tuah Sakti were shot by members of the Brimob Riau Islands on Sunday night, September 21 2014.

Army Chief of Staff, General Gatot Nurmanyto. Indonesian Army Photo

Receiving a call that his soldiers were shot by Brimob, General Gatot was furious. He who was abroad on duty, immediately decided at that time to return to the country. Gatot wanted to know and checked his soldiers who were shot.

“When I received news of the shooting, the President was abroad, the TNI Commander in Thailand, so I made a quick decision to return. I apologize to the head of the Australian army about this I should have presented. I almost couldn’t get a plane,” he said, quoted from the TNI AD Youtube.

Flying from Brisbane Australia, General Gatot’s plane landed in Singapore. Gatot went straight to Batam using the ferry.

“I then continued my journey to Batam using the last ferry. Arriving in Batam, I immediately saw soldiers who were shot at the hospital, “said Gatot.

Gatot arrived in Batam on Monday night, September 22 2014, Gatot asked about the shooting incident to Danyon 134 and the local Dandim. After learning about the incident, General Gatot then visited 4 of his soldiers on Tuesday morning at Embung Fatimah Hospital.

General Gatot Angry

Then on Tuesday morning, September 23, 2014, Gatot met with Battalion 134 soldiers to motivate the soldiers. To the reporters, General Gatot admitted that he was angry at first.

Gatot Nurmantyo and Moeldoko.  Photo: Antara
Gatot Nurmantyo and Moeldoko. Photo: Antara

“I was angry at first, as a father and leader of the Army Chief of Staff at first I was angry, but I am ashamed of them, they are soldiers who can set an example for me to be professional,” said Gatot.

In fact, Gatot said that Infantry Battalion 134 had told Gatot that if they wanted to destroy Brimob, Battalion 134 troops could be in a short time. But Danyonif realized that their commander in chief was the law.

“They (Danyon) said that I would destroy Brimob in no less than 10 minutes, but they are aware that their supreme commander is the law,” Gatot said.

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