Inul Gets Annoyed Because Someone Refuses Saipul Jamil To Come Back On TV: He’s already ‘schooled’, so there’s no need to add more | Most Exciting

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Paling Seru – Following Ayu Ting Ting, who was first boycotted by the netizens, now it is Saipul Jamil’s turn to receive such treatment.

His release from prison was greeted with cynicism by some, with the Saipul Jamil boycott petition echoed on television.

However, unlike the case of Ayu Ting Ting, which was chaired by the general public, the boycott petition against Saipul Jamil was supported by sexologist Zoya Amirin. The goal is that perpetrators of sexual crimes do not seem to be given space in the media because they can have bad consequences for their previous victims.

In other words, it will bring new wounds to victims who have been trying to come to terms with reality for a long time.

But this decision was rejected by the best friend of the dancer, Inul Daratista. Inul, who had supported Saipul from the start, was dragged into this case, saying that everyone has the right to a chance after serving their sentence.

“He’s already ‘schooled’, so there’s no need to add to what’s been brought up yesterday. Let him exist, let him run his life again,” he said, quoted by

In addition, Inul considers that the sentence that Saipul Jamil received was quite severe, with the loss of many things ranging from possessions to friends.

“He is already heavy enough for ‘school’. And it was quite a splendid experience. Hopefully netizens will also understand,” said Inul.

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