It’s in the Kitchen, These 4 Natural Ingredients Are Powerful to Enlarge Anu

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1NEWS – For the sake of getting pleasure during bed activities, every man has a different way. Not a few who think that the size of a man’s tool affects relationships. The bigger the size, the more enjoyable it is to reach the top.

Instead of using hazardous chemicals that are risky, there are currently kitchen ingredients that have the property of increasing the size of weapons. The following 4 foods can be consumed daily as reported by the Healthy Guide.

1. Spinach

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Eating spinach can help improve the quality of relationships and also increase blood flow to the Otong. Spinach contains magnesium which helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels and increases blood flow.

In addition, spinach is also high in folate, which helps increase blood circulation to other areas, thereby protecting you from age-related relationship problems.

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2. Ginger

Ginger is one of the natural foods for the enlargement of the Otong because of its ability to improve blood flow and artery health.

A study found that consuming a teaspoon of ginger several times a week can help maintain a healthy heart.


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