Knowing Herself is a Baby Swapped, This Woman Replaced Billions

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swapped baby

The baby swap case is revealed again. This time, the case was revealed when the baby who was swapped was in his 30s.

This story comes from Saudi Arabia. A woman who was the baby swapped, reportedly received compensation of 2 million riyals or equivalent to Rp7.6 billion at the exchange rate on Saturday (4/9/2021) for the “loss” she experienced. How could that be?

Swapped at the Hospital

As reported by the newspaper Al Arabiya quoting Saudi newspapers al-Watan, the woman was born in a hospital in Mecca, some 30 years ago. At that time, he was handed over to the wrong family.

However, it is not stated whether the case of the baby being swapped is accidental or intentional. Long story short, this woman grew up in a family that was classified as poor. Meanwhile, the mother and real family of this woman is a wealthy family.

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Starting to Realize He’s a Baby Swapped When Growing Up

Growing up, this woman began to feel the difference between herself and the rest of the family. He felt strange, why there was a stark difference between himself and them, especially in terms of appearance and other physical characteristics.

This prompted him to take a DNA test, soon after he married a relative of the family who raised him. The DNA results confirmed his suspicions. He is not the flesh and blood of the mother and father in the family.

Submitting an Application for Compensation

swapped baby

Then, the woman filed a lawsuit with the Mecca High Court and asked for compensation for her fate. It was also revealed that his biological mother had died before he found out that he was swapped, let alone met his mother.

The High Court has also handed down a verdict in this case. Considering the losses suffered by her because she does not live in her biological family, the woman is entitled to compensation of Rp. 7.6 billion.

This verdict was then upheld by Board of Grievances Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The obligation to pay compensation is delegated to the party deemed responsible for the fate of the woman.

Board of Grievances is an independent body directly associated with the King of Saudi Arabia. This body controls judicial control and administrative matters relating to lawsuits brought to the High Court.

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Not the First Case

swapped baby

This is not the first time the baby swap case has happened. In 2020, a new mother found out that the child she raised for 28 years was not her biological child.

The harsh reality was revealed when Yao Ce, the son, had liver cancer. Xu, the mother, who loves her child very much, intends to donate her liver to the child. However, surprisingly, the livers of the two did not match.

DNA tests proved that Xu was not Yao’s biological mother. Xu, who wanted to save his son’s life, looked for Yao’s biological parents by visiting Huaihe Hospital – Henan University, where she gave birth in 1992.

Long story short, they were successfully linked with Yao’s biological parents, the couple Guo Sikuan and Du Xinshi. However, this story is complicated because Du, Yao’s biological mother, who was expected to be able to donate her liver, also has liver disease. He has hepatitis B and has had chemotherapy for liver cancer.

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Due to the swapping of babies, Yao, who should have received the hepatitis B vaccine as a baby, did not receive the special treatment. The vaccine was instead given to Xu’s biological son who was being cared for by Du. Xu’s mother also had to accept the fact that her biological son, whom Du had raised, had a mental disorder.

Long story short, Xu and her husband filed a lawsuit at the hospital where this sad case started. After the court process, the hospital was sentenced to pay a fine of 760 thousand yen, equivalent to Rp. 1.64 billion at the exchange rate at that time.

The compensation includes compensation for the mental suffering that Yao Ce suffered as a result of being separated from his biological parents for 28 years. The compensation money also includes the cost of treating Yao Ce’s liver.

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