Lesti Kejora is rumored to be pregnant out of wedlock, Rizky Billar’s father’s answer is shocking

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Singer Lesti Kejora has officially become the wife of Rizky Billar on August 19, 2021, then. But in the midst of their happiness, Lesti is rumored to be pregnant out of wedlock

Hearing the oblique accusations directed at his son-in-law, Rizky Billar’s father, Daniel Eddy, spoke up. This can be seen on the YouTube channel that aired on Wednesday (1/9/2021).

“I’m not answering right or wrong, but as far as I know we know religion, obey religion, that’s all,” explained Eddy.

On the other hand, Rizky Billar’s adoptive father also gave his response. Izhar Wilendra, who had been Billar’s adoptive father, could not justify this unpleasant issue.

He said that those who could answer this issue were the parties concerned. Thus, only Lesti and Billar have the right to answer this issue.

“Well, that’s the one who can answer the question, because your father has rarely met them lately,” explained Izhar.

Izhar said that there had been no further discussion regarding the allegations that Lesti Kejora was pregnant.

However, Izhar understands that Lesti and Billar are often hit by unpleasant issues.

Because, Lesti and Billar are public figures who have many fans, as well as many people who don’t like them.

“Because they are public food, it’s normal, sometimes there are issues like this, but what is clear is that whatever the news is, Leslar has the right to answer himself,” explained Izhar.

So far, Izhar believes in Rizky Billar and Lesti will not do things that are not commendable before they are married.

Izhar is very familiar with the figure of Billar and Lesti, who have had strong religious knowledge.

“You can guarantee that these Leslars are children who have been equipped with religion, whatever they do must be based on religion,” explained Izhar.

Meanwhile, this slanted news has reached Rizky Billar’s ears.

However, Beni Sikumbang as Billar’s older brother did not dare to give a response regarding the issue.

He only ordered the media crew to ask Lesti and Billar directly.

“Wow, I don’t know that, just ask them about getting pregnant, they’re afraid that if we interfere, it’s dangerous, right,” said Beni Sikumbang.

source: sound.com

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