Makes Sad, This Dog Cry When He Knows His Master Has Died – 1NEWS

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A dog’s love for his master has been tested. Likewise with this one dog who looks very devastated to be left forever by his master, it can be seen from his teary eyes.

The story of this crying dog was re-uploaded by the Instagram account @denpasarnow on Monday (23/8). In the upload of the reels, which last a few seconds, a black dog is seen being coaxed by a woman to end her sadness.

It is known, the dog is named Milo. The owner is a TikTok account user named @MahaaRanii. Milo is sad because his master, who is the husband of the video uploader, died of illness.

“I’ll go with Om Anton to the grave later,” persuaded the owner of the video.

Milo also looked weak and showed a sad expression.

Netizens who watched the video also seemed touched by Milo’s loyalty.

“Animals are fed a day, remember 3 years. Humans are given food for 3 years, remember it’s only a day,” commented chef_ketut.

“Those who like to eat dogs, what’s the comment? I must be heartless until I can’t tell which one is a human or an animal,” said angelfire.dee furiously.

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