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Persib dominated the first half with a series of attacks they did. The first opportunity that almost became a goal was done by Marc Klok. The Dutchman made a screech, which still hit the crossbar.

Barito is difficult to develop. Persib pressed again through Febri Hariyadi’s effort who pushed into the penalty box and gave birth to an assist for Ezra Walian. A hard kick was released by Ezra, but Barito’s goal which was guarded by Riyandi was still safe.

Riyandi’s appearance was quite calm and good with his efforts to stem a number of Persib opportunities. Febri often makes mistakes in making decisions, and Wander Luiz does not get enough intake. The score 0-0 lasted until the break.

Maung Bandung started the second half with substitutions. Frets Butuan, whose role was less than optimal, was withdrawn, to be replaced by Esteban Vizcarra. Thus, all Persib naturalized players appeared in this second round.

Barito Putera vs Persib Bandung
The game went on for more than an hour, and Persib’s game did not develop. Their game was not as good as the first half, as Barito’s game got better by appearing more aggressive and neat in the organization. The supply of the ball for Luiz in the penalty box was minimal in the second half.

Robert Alberts pulled out all the pure wingers in the 70 minute, with Febri Hariyadi being replaced by Beckham Putra. While Barito also rested Ambrizal Umanailo, replaced by young player Aditya Daffa who is still 17 years old.

Beckham, who had just entered, immediately gave Riyandi shock therapy with a long-range hard kick. His kick slightly hit Riyandi’s finger and finally hit the far post. A few minutes later, it was Aleksandar Rakic’s turn, whose weak shot was saved by Natshir Fadhil.

Persib’s fitness to compete seemed minimal, the players’ energy seemed to have been drained in the final 15 minutes of the match. Meanwhile, Barito, who often did trials before Liga 1 started, was able to increase the tempo of their game.

Persib’s efforts finally bore fruit in the 86th minute. Marc Klok with a curling free kick from the left side was able to concede Barito’s goal, Riyandi and the other Barito players could not hold the ball released by Klok. 1-0.

After Klok’s goal, Persib chose to lower their tempo and play safer. Barito tried to catch up, but until three minutes of added time was over, the score 1-0 for Persib did not change.


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