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Ever heard of the name Bay Bridge? The bridge in San Francisco now has a length of 7,180 meters. This bridge was first built since July 9, 1933 and only officially opened on November 12, 1936. Previously, the bridge was not as great as it is now. This bridge continues to be developed, there are even Indonesian citizens who have also taken part in the Bay Bridge extension project.

He is Martin Chandrawinata, an Indonesian citizen who used to also study Masters at the University of California, Berkeley. Being part of the construction of the Bay Bridge extension is certainly an extraordinary thing. To know more about Martin, see the following review.

Interested in tall buildings since childhood

Martin Chandrawinata [sumber gambar]

Martin admitted that since childhood, he was interested in tall buildings. This interest made Martin serious about studying, until finally he managed to become an engineer, and even completed his postgraduate studies in America. His interest in this bridge, gives him another perspective. For Martin, bridges are an art for engineers. Like the Bay Bridge, so long and elegant. Being able to take part in its construction certainly makes Martin proud, because without the bridge, how can people cross from one point to another?

Work with heart

Martin [sumber gambar]

Being able to work according to your passion is certainly luck. Because if we like what we do, the results will also be maximized and of course the feeling of happiness makes us forget tired. Likewise with Martin Chandrawinata, while working, he also really enjoys it. Not only working as an engineer, his boss also assigned Martin to be a photographer. The good news is that Martin really loves photography. Until during the extension development process, he also documented it.

Never feel satisfied

Martin Chandrawinata [sumber gambar]

When he succeeded in becoming part of the Bay Bridge project, Martin admitted that his goals were achieved and his dreams came true. But that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with it. After completing the Bay Bridge project, Martin began to learn new things, such as technology that can add value to the construction sector, one of which is operating drones. Martin also took the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permit, in order to become a pilot.

Message for the younger generation

Martin [sumber gambar]

Successfully becoming an engineer who goes international and continues to grow, Martin has a special message for the younger generation. “We always wake up, we always need a place to live, we always need infrastructure to build the economy. Never get discouraged, study hard, always work hard, make friends with many people. Also don’t forget to pray to God because nothing is impossible.”

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That’s a little review about Martin Chandrawinata, a great Indonesian citizen who could be part of the Bay Brigde project. Something like this deserves to go viral, don’t just dance on Tiktok, right?

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