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Miss going to the cinema

The temporary closure of cinemas during PPKM since June 2021 made several businesses stop or limit their operational activities.

However, even though PPKM has dropped from Level 4 to Level 3 and malls have been allowed to re-open, cinemas are still unable to operate.

This has an impact on the decline in screenings of films that have been scheduled, as well as local films whose production is not as much as before amidst the uncertainty of cinema opening schedules.

But there is an interesting program from CGV

To welcome National Customer Day, CGV presents “Virtual Tour a la CGV Cinema” and “Popcorn One Bag Super Jumbo“As an appreciation of the community’s loyalty while the cinema is not operating and also treats the longing to go to your cinema.

Virtual Tour a la CGV Cinema

CGV cinemas are known for their cinemas that are rich in diversity with very high specifications, and luxurious designs.

Auditoriums such as 4DX, GOLD Class, Velvet Class & others are equipped with the latest technology up to

delivers realistic sound and eye-catching visuals.

So to treat people’s longing for the cinema as well as educational programs, CGV through Live Shows on Tokopedia and Instagram Live held a Virtual Tour, which discussed the Auditorium, the current ups and downs of the cinema industry, experiences when handling customers during the pandemic and how CGV employees’ perspectives on activities cinema operations before and after the Covid-19 pandemic

CGV Launches Super Jumbo One Bag Popcorn Product

Not only that, after previously running Food Delivery services in several cities, now in

In order to welcome “National Customer Day” on September 4, 2021 through its Live, CGV Cinema announced the launch of Popcorn Satu Tas to treat the nostalgia of Movie Lovers.

The idea of ​​this collaboration departs from the desire of CGV Cinema to treat the feeling of #KangenKeCGV.

This One Bag Popcorn, with its very large size, is here to accompany loyal CGV customers in doing activities from home, starting from watching movies at home, working, school, meeting, cooking creations at home & others.

Interestingly, CGV Cinema has also inserted a viewing voucher inside the One Bag Popcorn for lucky buyers, which of course can be used immediately when the cinema is open again.

In addition, this One Bag Popcorn is also reusable, so it can be used repeatedly when hanging out with friends, even to buy a Jumbo size Popcorn refill at the CGV cinema (when the cinema is open again) at a special price.

So for those of you who miss going to the cinema, what are you waiting for?

You can get this Popcorn One Bag on the GoFood application, as well as Tokopedia starting on September 4, 2021.

Although until now it is still not certain when cinemas can resume operations, in order to National Customer Day At this time, CGV Cinema is very grateful to the people who, despite their limitations during the pandemic, remain loyal to follow CGV’s activities through its social media channels and look forward to films that will be shown when cinemas reopen. (cinemas)

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