MLI boss knows Coki Pardede uses drugs, this is the reason he’s been silent all this time

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Muslim Tretan and Pattrick Effendy, MLI boss [YouTube: Deddy Corbuzier]

Coki Pardede. (Instagram/@cokipardede666)

1NEWS – Coki Pardede using drugs was only revealed when he was successfully arrested by the police. But that fact was already known, Tretan Muslim, a friend of Coki Pardede.

Deddy Corbuzier was surprised because Coki Pardede’s friends already knew but kept silent.

Not only Muslim Tretans, but also the Indonesian Funny Council (MLI) which oversees Coki Pardede know this fact.

“That Lu (Patrick, MLI boss), from the MLI side, do you know that Coki is a user?” asked Deddy Corbuzier on his YouTube channel, Saturday (4/9/2021).

“I know,” replied Patrick Effendy curtly.

Muslim Tretan and Pattrick Effendy, MLI boss [YouTube: Deddy Corbuzier]

Deddy Corbuzier immediately asked why Muslim Tretan and Patrick Effendy did not rush to follow up on the Coki Pardede issue. So that the comic does not have to be arrested for drug cases.

“Why if you know he’s a user, you don’t report it, to be rehabilitated, why let it go?” asked Deddy Corbuzier.

Patrick Effendy gave two reasons why he had been silent all this time. The first relates to work, as well as not knowing who to report to Coki Pardede’s problem.

“One, in terms of work, contracts of all kinds,” said Patrick Effendy.

“But the most difficult thing to think about is, to whom? To BNN, for example, where? So what happened?” added this MLI boss.

Coki Pardede (
Coki Pardede (

Patrick Effendy actually wanted to tell Deddy Corbuzier about the Coki Pardede case. However, it has not been realized.

“We actually had the intention, because Uncle Deddy and Coki were here and that was our alert as well,” he revealed.

In the end, Patrick Effendy decided to take matters into his own hands with Pastor Yerry.

“In the end, the easiest one was Pastor Yeri,” he said.

As previously reported, Coki Pardede was arrested for a drug case on Wednesday (1/9/2021) at his home in the Cisauk area, South Tangerang. From the arrest, the police secured evidence in the form of 0.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine.


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