Moments of Indonesian Celebs Misbehaving When Meeting Idols. Just Like Most Fans!

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Idolizing someone is a natural thing that can happen to anyone. Admiration for a character often makes us question ‘when can we meet them?’. It’s no wonder that when you meet an idol, your feelings are pounding and you can’t even say anything because you’re so happy.

Well, this is what some Indonesian celebrities feel. Even though they have famous names in the community, in fact they also have idols. No one knows the path of destiny, instead they can work together with their idol. Well, here’s Hipwee summarize the moment when the awkward Indonesian artist met his idol. Proof that their dreams can come true!

1. Raffi Ahmad has been a Marshanda fan for a long time. Her admiration arose when the mother of one child played the role of Lala in the soap opera Bidadari

Raffi Ahmad meets Marshanda | Credit: Instagram @marshanda99

Raffi Ahmad was made to blush and embarrassed when he met his idol. The incident took place at the Okay Boss event. Marshanda who was invited to be a guest star made Raffi shy to say hello, Nagita Slavina’s husband also seemed to always widen a smile. “Idol since childhood. When I was little I idolized Marshanda. The artist when I was in high school was only Marshanda,” said Raffi Ahmad in the Okay Boss show on YouTube.

2. Invited to be a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. Who would have thought that Fairuz A. Arafiq was actually being interviewed by his idol?

Deddy Corbuzier and Fairuz A. Arafiq | cREDIT: Instagram @fairuzarafiq

Admitting he was awkward, Fairuz A. Arafiq finally met his idol. He was even invited as a guest speaker to Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast. It is said that Sonny Septian’s wife began to become a fan of Deddy because she was considered intelligent, firm and straightforward.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet an idol. So I’ve been a fan for a long time but I’ve never said anything except to my close friends,” Fairuz said, quoted from Instagram.

3. Nagita Slavina is known to be a big fan of Abimana. When her husband’s dream was granted, Rafathar’s mother actually looked embarrassed

Nagita Slavina meets Abhimana | Credits; YouTube RANS Entertainment

Surprise his wife. Raffi Ahmad immediately brought actor Abimana Aryasatya to the house. Knowing the idol came to the residence, Nagita immediately blushed and embarrassed. The happy moment was recorded on the RANS Entertainment YouTube channel.

“This is Nagita’s idol. Nagita doesn’t know that Abi is coming. I gave a surprise, he really didn’t know,” said Raffi Ahmad.

4. Trying to cover her face when she met Chef Juna Rorimpandey, it turns out that Anya Geraldine has idolized her since her school days

Nur Amalina Hayati or often known as Anya Geraldine is awkward when she meets her idol, Juna Rorimpandey. This former lover of Bio One tried to cover his face because he was embarrassed to meet directly with the idol during school. Anya admits, Chef Juna has her own charm, as if she couldn’t believe she used to only be able to see from the television screen, lo.

“Finally my dream has come true, for whatever reason it’s bad to be salty to meet @junarorimpandeofficial, since school days I have become fangirl, can only see from the tipi, “he said.

5. Get a surprise Iqbaal Ramadhan on his birthday. Ririn Ekawati was surprised that she couldn’t hide her excitement

Ririn Ekawati met Iqbal Ramadhan | Credits; Instagram @ririnekawati

Ririn Ekawati was so happy when she got a surprise from her best friend. The moment was even more memorable after being able to meet Iqbaal Ramadhan. It turns out that he has idolized Iqbal since his role in the 1990 film Dilan. Ririn also seemed happy to meet Iqbal.

“Finally met my idol @iqbale.e sorry tacky, but really super happy! I’m a fan, not a crush,” he said.

6. John Mayer’s idol since he was 10 years old. Sheryl Sheinafia even got her idol’s autograph on her favorite guitar

Sheryl Sheinafia and John Mayer | Credit: Instagram @sherylsheinafia

Repeatedly mentioned God’s name when he found out his guitar was autographed. Singer Sheryl Sheinafia was even embarrassed when she had to take a photo with Katy Perry’s ex-lover. Reported from When again, Sheryl had idolized John Mayer when she was 10 years old.

7. Raisa is a big fan of Sheila On 7, she was so big that she sent a letter and the SO7 management replied

Singer who is known for the song “Serba Salah”, Raisa Andriana admits that since childhood she has idolized Sheila On 7. Good luck, now Raisa can actually be on the same stage with the legendary band. He looks a little embarrassed so he always smiles happily when he has to duet with Duta.

8. Asking for a photo with Agnez Mo, Via Vallen explained that his idol was what made him excited to be a singer

Via Vallen asked Agnez Mo for a photo | Credit: Instagram @viavallen

In the product launch event smartphones, sworddut Via Vallen immediately asked for a selfie with a successful Indonesian singer in the international arena, Agnez Mo. After the event was over, he immediately uploaded his photo to Instagram and wrote a caption. “Idol…. he was the reason why I decided to become a singer.” wrote Via Vallen.

Well, that’s a row of Indonesian artists who are awkward when they meet idols. They are proof that nothing is impossible. Even though they are well known, in fact the dreams of the past can be realized and even become public figures.


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