More Real Shown, Denny Darko Reveals About Lesti Kejora’s Pregnancy: There’s Something in Her Stomach

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More Real Shown, Denny Darko Reveals About Lesti Kejora's Pregnancy: There's Something in Her Stomach

Lesti Kejora (Instagram/hiantjen)

Recently, it was reported that Lesti Kejora was pregnant. Not to forget Denny Darko apparently raised his voice on this issue.

He created content that discussed Lesti Kejora’s pregnancy. Launch, Denny Darko denied this accusation through the tarot cards he read.

“(tarot) Seven of swords: facts about pregnancy, when sprayed her stomach looks fat. For me, there is no pregnancy,” explained Denny Darko, quoted from his YouTube channel, Saturday (4/9/2021).

Although he denied the accusation, Denny Darko suspected that there was something in Lesti Kejora’s stomach at this time.

“I thought (pregnant first) there was no such thing. But when asked, it felt like there was something in Lesti’s stomach,” explained Denny Darko.

Denny Darko even predicted that in the near future the couple Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar would have a baby.

“From my prediction, next year there will be three of them,” explained Denny Darko.

This prediction is based on the words of Lesti Kejora’s father, Endang Mulyana regarding the question of the daughter’s pregnancy.

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“Pak Endang, when asked, did not answer no or yes. So he is ambiguous. People are getting more and more adorable. They say anything, it will be misused,” explained the 44-year-old magician.

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