No Man Can Dance With Princess Diana, Here Are 3 Conditions

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1NEWSPrincess Diana often attend many events and those events involve dancing. Sometimes famous figures were invited to dance with the princess. However, There are strict rules that must be followed. Here are the rules as revealed by the Cheatsheet page.

1. The man dancing with Princess Diana must be above 180 cm

Diana has a height of 177 cm. The height requirement was made so that Diana did not look awkward when dancing. Diana often wears high heels, which makes her look even taller. If the dance partner has a shorter height, then it is not good to see when they dance.

2. Diana’s dance partner must be married

A single man cannot dance with the princess. Every man she dances with must be married. This was done to minimize the possibility of something inappropriate happening between the princess and whoever danced with her.

3. The man’s wife must be in the dance hall

In addition to getting married, the man has to make sure his wife is in the room at the dance. As noted earlier, this is likely done to prevent inappropriate behavior.

One of the dance moments Princess Diana the most famous is with actor John Travolta. The moment occurred when Princess Diana visited the United States in 1985. The two danced after dinner at the White House.

“It’s like a storybook moment,” said John Travolta in the show In Their Own Words: Diana, Princess of Wales which aired on the PBS television channel some time ago. “We bowed when we finished dancing, and, you know, he left, and I left, and my carriage turned into a pumpkin.”


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