Pairing Idol With Original Choreographer ‘WANNABE’, Netizens Praise ITZY’s Ryujin and YGX’s Rijung | Kpop Chart

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‘WANNABE’, a song belonging to the girl group from JYP Entertainment, ITZY, has until now become one of the songs that attracted the attention of the shoulder choreography at the opening of the song.

It is known that the choreographer for ‘WANNABE’ is Rijung from the YGX dance team, who is now gaining more attention after appearing as a participant in ‘Street Women Fighter’.

Through a well-known South Korean community forum, netizens made various comments after a thread featuring a video that paired ITZY and YGX presenting the shoulder choreography of ‘WANNABE’.

“Rijung is the best, Ryujin is the best, both are amazing”,

“I think this is the first time I’ve seen a choreographer and singer dancing so similarly. Because dancers dance better than idols, the dance between dancers and idols is very different”,

“Hul, this choreography was choreographed by Rijung… I love you Rijung…”,

“ITZY is one of those idol groups that you can feel the energy every time they dance”,

“It’s the first time I’ve seen an idol dance like a choreographer like this.. Ryujin fits that dance very wellㅋㅋ”,

“Wow Rijung is amazing, Ryujin is very good at dancing …”, and various other comments.

What is your response after seeing the performances of ITZY and YGX below? (1NEWS)

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