Peter Dinklage Almost Didn’t Take The Role of Tyrion on ‘Game of Thrones’ – Here’s Why

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Peter Dinklage admits he had some hesitation in playing Tyrion in Game of Thrones.

The 52-year-old opened up in a new interview during the Telluride Film Festival where his upcoming movie, Cyrano, is screening.

Click inside to read why Peter was hesitant in taking the role…

Peter says when the offer first came to him, he thought it would be very stereotypical for him, as a character with “a really long beard and pointy shoes.”

“That is just what followed the fantasy genre for people my size,” he shared. “Why do we always have to follow that boring f***ing formula of pointy shoes and a beard? Who invented that? Why are we still following that? We don’t need to. I said that to them.”

Peter then added that when he learned what they were doing with Tyrion and who the character was, he was a bit more open to it.

“I didn’t know anything about Tyrion. I didn’t read the books or anything,” he said. “I was just being an asshole.”

Peter went on to win four Emmys for his role on the eight-season HBO series, as well as a Golden Globe.

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