Portrait of Haru, the father in the shabby clown costume looks grateful when he sees his son eating heartily – 1NEWS

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Two photos that make hearts touched circulated in cyberspace. Although fairly old, but the photos are still able to thrill anyone who sees it.

Reporting from the Instagram account @viralrepoat.id, there are two photos showing a person sitting in a clown costume and accompanied by a boy who is eating voraciously.

The rabbit clown costume looked very shabby. It is known, someone in the clown costume is a man who is the father of the small child beside him.

The man looked solemn to see his son eating until he bent over. Meanwhile, the other photo shows a slightly distant photo angle. They seemed to be sitting in a ditch, themed about people passing by in front of them.

According to information circulating, the man who works as an entertainer clown is often found around the Gunadarma campus, Margonda, Depok. More precisely, in the area of ​​the bridge to Pondok Cina Station.

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