PSIS Vs Persela: Iwan Setiawan Psywar, Calls Imran Inexperienced | 1NEWS

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PSIS vs Persela will clash at the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Bekasi Regency, Saturday (4/9/2021), at 15.15 WIB. When giving a press statement, Iwan Setiawan launched psywar.

He hints that he has more experience than Imran, who is a PSIS coach caretaker. The former Persija Jakarta player was temporarily promoted to PSIS caretaker after Dragan Djukovic’s resignation from the chair of coach Mahesa Jenar.

“Imran is my best friend. Welcome to League 1. Honestly, I know Imran as a commentator. This means that with what he has, especially his analytical skills, I think this is something to be reckoned with,” Iwan said in a virtual statement, Friday (3/9).

“I believe that his ability as a coach is based on analytical skills, which means that God willing, he will become a great coach in the future. My prayers for Imran are like that,” he added.

Imran has just started his career as a coach. In fact, PSIS became the first step in a team to enter the ranks of coaches.


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