PSSI Press Boycotts Persija Jakarta News, Here’s the Reason

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1NEWS – The PSSI Press Coordinator, which accommodates national football journalists, has taken a stand to boycott all news related to Persija Jakarta starting on Saturday (4/9).

The action was based on the journalists’ disappointment with the closed attitude of the management of the Kemayoran Tiger team, nicknamed Persija.

The Head of the PSSI Press Coordinator, Zainal Hasan, stated that the Persija news was boycotted indefinitely.

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This is in response to Persija Jakarta’s management, which seems closed to the media.

“For a long time, Persija has made it difficult for journalists to cover Persija’s activities,” he said in an official statement obtained by 1NEWS, Saturday (4/9).

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“From the closed access to interviews with the media, the prohibition of Persija players from talking to the media as published by the club in 2020, the lack of the latest information, and the latest team launching that did not inform the media,” he added.

In addition, Persija players often speak easily with alternative media such as Youtubers and the like.

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“Regarding this attitude, the editorial policy to participate or not with our attitude is returned to their individual needs,” he said.


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