Rarely Noticed, These are 6 Swamps in Indonesia that Have the Charm of Beauty

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When you hear the word swamp, what comes to mind is probably just an unattractive puddle of water. Rarely pays attention to the swamp, let alone make it a tourist destination. Fair thing. Swamps in general are not as attractive as lakes or other water tourism destinations.

However, in Indonesia, not all swamps are as you might imagine: bushy and boring. Some of them are proven to have a charm of beauty that makes them worth a visit if conditions permit. Curious anywhere, here’s a summary.

1. Rawa Binong, Bekasi

Known by another name Situ Rawa Binong, this 9.5 hectare swamp has a beautiful landscape surrounded by green trees. The scenery here will feel more serene when the sun goes down. In the Hegarmukti Village area you can also find other natural and cultural potentials that have long been cared for by the local community.

Rawa Binong is located in Hegarmukti Village, Central Cikarang District, Bekasi Regency, West Java.

2. Rawa Gede, Bogor

Rawa Gede is a hidden charm in Bogor Regency that has not been touched by many tourists. This swamp is surrounded by the charm of hills, rice fields, and beautiful waterfalls. The atmosphere here tends to be cool. Besides being suitable for relaxing while admiring its charm, here you can also do various activities, such as wading through the swamp using a motor boat, fishing, and camping.

Rawa Gede is located in Sirna Jaya Village, Sukamakmur District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

3. Rawa Dizziness, Semarang

The undeniable charm of Rawa Pening is Mount Merbabu and Mount Ungaran which rise before it. The beauty of this 2,670 hectare Swamp can be enjoyed from various locations, one of which is the Ambarawa Railway Museum.

In addition, you can also visit Eling Bening in Bawen District to enjoy the sensation outbound Set in Rawa Pening, or visit Radesa Wisata in Dusun Kluhan, which has a 38-meter-high replica of the Eiffel Tower above Rawa Pening.

Rawa Pening is administratively located in four sub-districts of Semarang Regency, namely Ambarawa, Bawen, Tuntang and Banyubiru.

4. Rowo Bayu, Banyuwangi

Rowo Bayu has a mystical charm that you might like. The swamp, which is behind the thick forest at the foot of Mount Raung, Banyuwangi, was viral thanks to the mystery story of the KKN Dancer Village. It is said that this swamp was a favorite place of meditation for Prabu Tawang Alun when he ruled the Blambangan Kingdom.

Rowo Bayu is located in Bayu Village, Songgon District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

5. Tripa Swamp, Aceh

The Tripa Swamp which is part of this peat forest has a complete charm. Here you can enjoy the shade of the forest that has been successfully maintained, and if you are lucky you can meet Sumatran orangutans. It is said to have been successfully defended because the area covering an area of ​​61,803 hectares continues to experience encroachment and land clearing for oil palm plantations.

Rawa Tripa is administratively located in Darul Makmur District, Nagan Raya District and Babahrot District, Southwest Aceh District, Aceh.

6. Swamp Aopa Watumohai, Southeast Sulawesi

Included in the scope of the Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park, this one destination has an attractive landscape with a variety of vegetation, including mangroves, babirusa, anoa, endemic birds and hundreds of plant species. You can do many activities in this national park. The swamp itself is unique, because it has a small island called Pulau Harapan II.

Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park is located in Tinanggea District, South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.

Well, swamps aren’t always as boring as bushes as you think, are they? Which do you think is the most interesting to visit when conditions improve later?

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