Ruhut Sitompul’s Loud Voice Shocking, Dragging Jokowi’s Name

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1NEWS – PDI-P politician Ruhut Sitompul has raised his voice regarding developments related to the state capital or IKN which will be moved from DKI Jakarta to East Kalimantan as planned by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Ruhut is worried that the relocation of the nation’s capital could be canceled by Jokowi’s replacement president, if it is not fortified with the PPHN (Principles of State Policy) through amendments to the 1945 Constitution.

“Yes, if he is, whoever will become president, whatever he can do (cancellation of the IKN transfer, ed). Moreover, later if his supporters in the DPR are stronger,” he said in his statement, Friday (3/9/2021). ) yesterday.

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Moreover, he said, DKI Jakarta was already very crowded.

“You can (failed it, ed). In fact, the capital city must be moved, boss. The island of Java is already crowded, look at the sinking of Jakarta, the more horrifying, “continued the former member of Commission III of the House of Representatives.

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Furthermore, the 67-year-old man views that the amendments to the 1945 Constitution are limited to increasing the MPR’s authority to determine PPHN, it is important to do so.

He also urged that the proposed amendment to the Constitution should not be linked to the addition of the president’s term of office.

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“The amendment is important. Don’t talk about the amendment as if the president wants to extend his term of office, oh no. There is nothing like that,” he said.


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