Sad portrait, this scavenger father takes care of his infant child until breastfeeding on the sidewalk – 1NEWS

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A touching scene was captured by a netizen in the highway area in Bandung. He accidentally found a scavenger who was taking care of his baby child, so he gave him milk on the sidewalk.

The moment was immortalized in two photos by an Instagram user named the account @banjarnahor or Joshua Banjarnahor.

Joshua is a Public Relations Officer at the Bandung SAR Office Basarnas. He admitted that he accidentally found the scavengers while walking around the city of Bandung.

“This afternoon, playing in Bandung, I met a father giving milk to his child on the sidewalk with a cardboard base,” he wrote in the caption.

The man seemed to have a hard time giving his son milk with a pacifier bottle while holding the cart he was using to scavenge.

When approached and talked to, it turned out that the middle-aged scavenger named Dede. He scavenged along with his son, Seno, who was only seven months old.

Dede admitted that every day he invites Seno to scavenge around the city of Bandung. He was forced to take his son because there was no one to take care of him because his wife was in the hospital.

“When you see it like this, I really feel that we are still very, very less grateful. When we have enough, but sometimes we still complain,” added Joshua in the description of his upload.

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