Saipul Jamil doesn’t stop appearing on TV, KPI has a strong reason

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Saipul Jamil

The singer Saipul Jamil has been released from prison some time ago. But after being released, it seems that the public is against Saipul Jamil to appear on TV again. They considered that a perpetrator of a sexual crime should not be given more space, especially in a public space such as a TV.

However, in fact Saipul Jamil continued to appear on a number of television stations after his release. The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) as the institution in charge of broadcasting in Indonesia, also commented on the rejection of Saipul Jamil’s appearance on TV after being released from prison.

KPI itself said it was okay for Bang Ipul – Saipul Jamil’s nickname – to appear on TV again after being imprisoned for his case. KPI itself has a strong reason to say so. He said, Bang Ipul may appear on TV as long as the content complies with the Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Broadcast Program Standards (P3SS).

“So, Saipul Jamil can appear as long as the load complies with P3SS,” said KPI Commissioner Nuning Rodiyah as quoted by Suara-Hops.ID network-Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Saipul Jamil. Photo Source: Lightning

According to Nuning, Saipul Jamil is okay to appear on TV as long as he doesn’t inspire others to commit immoral acts.

“If you return to the television station as long as it doesn’t inspire someone not to commit a sexual crime, I think that’s fine,” said Nuning.

“If the charge violates it, we will ban it,” he continued.

Nuning said that KPI does not prohibit anyone from appearing on TV or the background of the person, but rather pays attention to the content displayed.

“Because we don’t consider the background, but rather the content,” said Nuning.

Saipul Jamil refused to enter TV

As is known, a number of netizens on social media expressly expressed their reluctance to see Saipul Jamil again on TV. The reason is that, even though Saipul Jamil has served his sentence, he is still a sex offender. Some think that sexual offenders should not be given more space, especially in public spaces such as television.

Saipul Jamil.  Photo: Instagram
Saipul Jamil. Photo: Instagram

Perpetrators of sexual crimes should no longer be on national TV,” said the Twitter account @xxm***.

Yes, right. sorry but sex crimes are scary and that’s it,” said the account @arn ***.

This person, when he is free, should leave his career, he doesn’t need to be given another stage, he appears in the tipi tipi,” said @buj***.

SEXUAL CRIME PERSONS please don’t get invited to TV please!!! And also don’t let yourself be made ambassadors. Already suujon aing hadeuh, commented citizen @ujo***.

Don’t appear on television again, can you?,” said the account @aza***.

It’s scary to walk again at the tipi. Crazy feels like normalizing rapists,” wrote netizen @neb***.

I just googled the case earlier, it’s not really that good if it’s going to be on TV again,” said the citizen with the @juj*** account.

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