Serious about Education, These 5 Artists Study Double Degrees and Successfully Achieve Double Degrees. Example!

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Almost everyone thinks that education is very important. Not only useful for finding a job, education is considered a learning process that is very useful for life. In fact, many people are willing to take double degree or study in 2 different majors to take advantage of the opportunity to learn. This has also been experienced by a number of Indonesian artists while studying at both the S1 and S2 levels.

They are willing to tirelessly study and go through all the difficult lecture processes in order to get a double degree. There are those who study while working to pay for all their educational needs, others are willing to stop leaving the entertainment world temporarily so that they focus on studying. Curious about which artists have won double titles and how did they struggle? Let’s see the info, here!

1. Asri Welas excels in academics by winning a double degree at a well-known university

The artist who is known to be funny with his behavior and jokes turns out to be keeping a secret that is not widely known to the public. In addition to excelling in the entertainment industry, Asri turns out to have background very good education because he graduated from the University of Indonesia. Not even half-hearted, Asri studied at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Psychology. It is known that the two faculties are faculties with passing grade high, but Asri was able to successfully pass the selection and study there.

2. Cinta Laura graduated from college double degree with predicate cum laude at Columbia University, New York

Cinta Laura’s ability in acting and her achievements in academics are well known to the public. Even his popularity in the entertainment industry did not prevent him from pursuing higher education. This makes Cinta have to take time off from the world that raised her name to continue her studies. Love’s determination to study is proven by her success as a student at one of the world’s prestigious universities.

In fact, he took 2 majors at once in order not to waste his opportunity to study. Cinta took the study of Psychology and German Literature in the same year. This makes him have to study extra and attend lectures that are not easy. However, the hard work paid off with his success in graduating and bearing the title cum laude.

3. Maudy Ayunda earned a double degree in business and education while pursuing a master’s degree at Stanford University

Maudy is not much different from Cinta, she also has a brilliant career in the entertainment industry and excels in academics. The singer of the song “Paper Boat” previously managed to graduate from S1 at Oxford University in just 3 years. After graduating, Maudy had caused a stir after uploading his confusion about choosing between Harvard or Stanford to continue his master’s studies, because he was declared accepted at these 2 prestigious universities.

In the end Maudy chose Stanford and took Join Degree Program (JDP) or 2 majors at the same time. Maudy decided to take Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Education. He took the opportunity so that he could use the time to study while at Stanford. Until finally Maudy managed to graduate after 2 years of studying there.

4. Clasissa Tanoesoedibjo, won a double degree at the University of New South Wales, Sydney

Clarissa is a descendant of a businessman from the Tanoesoedibjo family. In addition, he is also active as a celebrity on social media. Although her popularity and family background can guarantee her success, Clarissa still prioritizes education. In fact, the fourth daughter of the couple Hari Tanoesoedibjo and Liliana Tanoesoedibjo can prove that she can excel in academics. Clarissa has successfully completed her studies in the program double degree majoring in commerce and art.

5. Andi Arsyil won a double degree in 3 different departments and campuses. What’s cool is that he managed to finish all of them in the same year

The role of Robi in the soap opera “Tukang Bubur Naik Haji” is known as a simple, calm and smiling person. Behind his capable acting skills, it turns out that Arsyil also excels in academics, because of his success in winning a double degree. While in college, Arsyil had to work as a model in magazines to pay for his education. However, his efforts are quite proud because Arsyil was able to finish his studies and get a bachelor’s degree in 3 faculties and 3 different campuses.

The 3 faculties are the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty majoring in Physics/Geophysics Study Program at Makassar University. Then, Arsyil studied at the Faculty of Economics majoring in Economics, University of Muhammadiyah Makassar. Finally, he studied at the Faculty of Engineering majoring in Informatics Engineering at STIMIK Dipanagara Makassar. Thanks to his persistence, he managed to hold 3 titles at once in 2010. So, his name has a fairly long title Andi Arsyil Rahman Putra, SM, S.Kom, S.Si.

So, those are 5 Indonesian artists who don’t only excel in industries that make their names bigger. Behind the popularity they have achieved, it turns out that they really care about the importance of education. This is evidenced by the double title they have won. That’s really cool!


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