Showing the former goalkeeper of the U-16 National Team, Persebaya was actually beaten by Borneo FC with three goals

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“He used to be a hero for the U-16 national team in the AFF Cup. Now, Borneo has just been beaten three times.”

1NEWS – Aji Santoso’s decision to feature former Indonesian U-16 national team goalkeeper Ernando Ari Sutaryadi guarding Persebaya Surabaya’s net against Borneo FC at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Saturday (4/9/2021) night, ended in grief. Had been burglarized three times, the match was finally won by Pesut Etam 3-1.

For young Garuda fans, you will definitely remember Ernando’s work. The young man who was born in Semarang, February 27, 2002, became one of the heroes of the U-16 national team when they won the 2018 AFF U-16 Cup.

At that time, the U-16 national team was trained by Fachri Husaini and strengthened by several iconic players such as Bagas Kaffa and Bagus Kahfi. Then, Sutan Diego Zico, Andre Oktaviansyah, David Maulana, Komang Teguh Trisnanda Putra, Mochammad Supriadi, Fajar Fathur Rahman, and Rendy Juliansyah.

The U-16 national team at that time appeared consistent since the elimination by winning Group A. Then, after defeating Malaysia in the semifinals, Garuda Muda reached the final against Thailand. The final match had to be decided on penalties after a 1-1 draw. And, this is where Ernando becomes the hero of victory. Score on penalties, 4-3.

After the tournament ended, the players started to return or look for a new club, and Ernando was no exception. Having joined Barito Putera, Ernando is now listed as a member of the Bajul Ijo squad.

Persebaya decided to play Ernando in the first match of the new season to replace Satria Tama who was unable to attend because he was still injured. Although Satria’s condition has gradually improved, it seems that Bajul Ijo’s coaching team doesn’t want to take the risk so they decide to feature Ernando.

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“When it was confirmed that Satria would not be able to play in the first match, I immediately called and spoke with Ernando one-on-one. I said that he would most likely play in the first match,” said Aji before the match.

Unfortunately, Aji’s decision turned out to be wrong. Because Persebaya immediately picked up the ball from Ernando’s net three times through Sihran Amrullah in eight minutes, Terens Puhiri (48), and Guy Junior (61). Then, Ricky Kambuaya (76) reduced the position to 1-3.

The defeat was a surprise considering that Persebaya’s back line was strengthened by two strong fortresses of the U-19 national team as well as Shin Tae-yong’s seniors, Rachmat Irianto and Rizky Ridho Ramadhani.

On the other hand, victory shows Borneo as a dark horse worth watching out for. The reason is, the club from East Kalimantan has material players that cannot be underestimated. Apart from these goalscorers, Pesut Etam also still has Boaz Solossa.

(andri ananto/you)

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