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Watching series with exciting stories and beautiful pictures is the most fun. If these two conditions are included in your mandatory viewing criteria, then never miss the soap opera Instinct of the Heart.

The soap opera Naluri Hati premiered on August 30, 2021 on SCTV. Starring top actresses and actors, including Samuel Zylgwyn, Shanice Margaretha, Donny Michael to Natalie Zenn.

Even though it has only aired a few episodes, this show has received a flood of appreciation. Apart from being star-studded, let’s take a peek at other reasons why you shouldn’t miss this one soap opera.

Much praised

It’s only aired a few episodes, there are already signs that Instinct of the Heart will become the audience’s favorite. Many viewers say that watching Nalur Hati is like watching the big screen. The reason is that the visuals presented are classy to the point that it looks like a movie. Taking a filming location in Bali, can you imagine how beautiful the visuals are?

The shooting also received praise. Seen from the angle and the editing process that looks expensive. It’s no wonder that netizens say that the Instinct of Heart soap opera ‘tastes’ the film.

Judging from the Instinctive Heart Instagram comment column, many netizens are happy with the storyline and fall in love with the various characters. They hope this soap opera will be more exciting and long-lived.

Fun storyline

Wealth and love are classic themes that are always interesting. In the soap opera Naluri Hati, it is packaged in an interesting way. Tells the story of Dinda (Shanice Margaretha), a beautiful woman who has to go through many trials in her life.

He lives with his father and mother, Rina (Debby Cynthia Dewi), who is always gentle and kind. But it turns out that it was all just a cover, because Rina was actually after Dinda’s family property.

Dinda, who did not know her mother’s evil intentions, continued to love her like her own mother. Until finally Rina kills her father and forces Dinda to marry Gilang (Donny Michael). Later, Dinda finds out that Gilang is Rina’s biological child. He also tried to escape from the arranged marriage.

His intention to escape failed because Rina hit Dinda and threw her to the edge of a cliff. When her condition was critical, Dinda was saved by Zain (Samuel Zylgwyn) who happened to pass by. When examined at the hospital, it turned out that Dinda had partial amnesia, resulting in temporary memory loss.

Zain gave a new name to Dinda, namely Nayla and took her to live temporarily at his house. Over time, the seeds of love emerged between the two.

Only problem, Zain already has a fiancé, Agnes (Natalie Zenn). So he had to suppress his feelings. Dinda also had to go through a dilemma. one by one the veils of secrets opened.

Do you think Dinda’s memory will return? Will Dinda and Zain unite? Find the answer on the soap opera Naluri Hati every day at 21.30 WIB on SCTV.

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