Special interview with Yvette Monreal- DC StarGirl

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For fans of the DC StarGirl series, of course, they have started watching season 2 and are starting to enjoy the excitement of the storyline that is presented.

Regarding the series, 1NEWS (represented by Nuty Laraswaty), had the opportunity to conduct a special interview with one of the cast in The Justice Society of America the latest version is Yvette Monreal, as the Wildcat character in the DC series Stargirl.

Here is the summary

Q: What do you think will happen during the making of DC Stargirl season 2 during the current pandemic conditions?

Yvette Monreal:

Many tests were carried out to prevent us from getting COVID while filming. Like when you want to do a hugging scene, you have to do a rapid test, wait about 30 minutes for the results, and if it’s negative then shooting can be done, and then the hugging scene can be done.

It is undeniable that it is hard and feels isolated because they are very firm. We’re even physically separated from each other by some kind of plastic panel, we all have to really keep our distance.

Luckily we made it through it all. But we are very grateful to be able to film during a pandemic like this. While many cannot do any production.

Q: How did you prepare for the Wildcat character? Is there a difference between season 1 and season 2?

Yvette Monreal:

In season 2, there will be a lot of psychological problems with Yolanda, and the deepening of the character is in terms of religion, where Yolanda and I happen to be Catholic. Yolanda has just killed someone. This is a great sin and of course this creates psychological stress on her.

No one knows this. He has no one to share this pressure with, because Courtney herself is going through a lot and doesn’t really understand what it’s like to kill someone. In addition Yolanda will become more independent .

Q: Can you tell, what interesting things will the audience get in season 2?

Yvette Monreal:

There will be many interesting characters here. There is Jenny Williams who seems to have it all, but Courtney has doubts about her personality, namely whether she is really the person she conveys to everyone. There is an Eclipso that carries a lot of sadness. There is a Shade whose purpose and intentions are not clear and others.

Q: How did your friends/family respond to your character development in season 2?

They like it very much. We grew up together from childhood to adulthood, and there weren’t many superhero characters to talk about. So my character is very interesting to them. They also feel very proud of me and also after watching every week, they always text me and then give their feedback on the episode.

I’m so happy to get a response like this.


So have you watched DC Stargirl season 2? What are your thoughts and comments on each episode?

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