The Story of the Most Fashionable Player, Hector Bellerin, Now On Loan To Real Betis

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“This Spaniard has a completely different style of dress.”

1NEWS – Hector Bellerin has finally found a new club after not being included in Mikel Arteta’s plans for the 2021/2022 season. The Spanish right-back is now on loan from Arsenal to Real Betis. For fans of the Gunners and La Furia Roja, Bellerin is known as a fashionable footballer.

The young man who was born in Barcelona, ​​March 19, 1995, is not an ordinary footballer. After completing his diploma in online marketing in 2016, Bellerin became a vegetarian in 2017.

Outside of his busy life playing football, Bellerin has a very high interest in the world of fashion. In fact, a photo of him wearing a Louis Vuitton suit in 2019 that looked all hot pink from head to toe, earned him the title of “30 Under 30” by the famous Forbes magazine.

Bellerin’s passion for fashion is not uncommon. Even though he works as a football player, the blood of fashion flows in his body. He is the son of a clothing designer in Spain.

Ballerin is very confident in the fashion she chooses, including when she appeared in a Burberry raincoat and patterned scarf, bright beanie hat, and teenie-weenie “Neo from The Matrix” sunglasses. He is also the one who donated £50 for every minute played at the Under-21 Euros to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

In an interview with Forbes, Bellerin admitted to improving her photography skills, taking pictures, and concentrating on a creative marketing agency called B-Engaged. He founded it with a friend as a side activity outside of football.

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“I know a lot of people who support the football team don’t care about fashion. For them, it can be very strange to see someone look so different. But, I have learned not to read the comments,” said Bellerin.

The fashion brand that Bellerin chose was also not arbitrary. He chose trusted brands such as Christopher Raeburn, Raf Simons, Maison Margiela, and A Cold Wall. In fact, when his Mercedes is sold, he may switch to a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Tesla. “Now I’m more careful,” Bellerin said.

With a lot of money, Bellerin’s lifestyle often gravitated toward overt luxury. But, it can be a signal of success in his life and career.

Indeed, sometimes he looks very antifashion. However, if you look at the out-fits she wears from well-known brands, such as a beanie hat with an oversized Fear of God denim jacket worn with tartan plaid pants and Balenciaga sneakers, for example. Or, a Puma track top worn with patchworked pinstripe loewe pants and Acne Studio sneakers.

But recently, he has appeared in a geeky and old-school style like the 70s. In fact, if you look at the photos of Bellerin in the Betis jersey, which was recently launched, he will look like Pablo Escobar.

“There’s no limit to what you can wear. One day I want to wear my pajamas with a very cool Neil Barrett jacket. I’m very comfortable. I can come right out of my bed. I would recommend it,” said Bellerin.

Bellerin is a man who has an interest in fashion. She could only hang on to clothes that were tantalizingly priced and classy. She also likes to mix her looks with style. Combining streetwear and sportswear with a more luxurious look has long been a trend.

He did it with talent. However, he is also always careful in combining colors and patterns. “Thank you London. I feel London is a city with so many styles, so many subcultures,” said Bellerin.

Money does allow us to experiment if we have a salary of 110,000 pounds (Rp 2.1 billion) per week. “Bellerin is either the most fashionable or the least fashionable man in football, depending on your point of view,” said one Premier League game commentator at Arsenal a few years ago.

(diaz alvioriki/you)

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