These 5 Hollywood Celebrities Are Very Often Found Without Makeup. The Reason Makes Salute!

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One of the demands of being a celebrity is to always be ready to appear in public. Many of them then always wear makeup or makeup wherever they go. In fact, wearing makeup for some people does not feel comfortable. Moreover, if the makeup used is too fake, people may not recognize it. Hmm, there’s no need to be a celebrity, some of us definitely don’t feel confident when we leave the house with a plain face, right?

But apparently, there are a line of celebrities Hollywood which turns out to often appear without make-up. One of them has openly decided to stay away from your makeup. Who are they and what are the reasons?

1. Alicia Keys blatantly embarked on her #nomakeup journey through her personal essay

Singer Alicia Keys is a celebrity who has blatantly decided not to wear makeup. Back in 2016, Alicia said that she was about to embark on a journey #nomakeup through his personal essay in Lenny Letter.

“Because I don’t want to cover it up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotions. Not all.” he told Cosmopolitan.

In the same year, he also released his album entitled “Here”. In one of the songs on the album, “Girl Can’t Be Herself”, Keys also wrote lyrics about her relationship with make up. Her choice not to wear makeup does not mean she completely rejects cosmetics. According to Alicia, an adult will choose when she wears it, how much she uses, and doesn’t have to feel obligated to wear it.

2. Shailene Woodley has had a bad experience with makeup in magazines, her self-portrait is far from realistic

The actress who successfully played the role of Beatrice in the film ‘Divergent’ is often found without makeup make up in front of the camera. He had a bad experience with makeup when the photo revealed by one of the magazines turned out to be far from realistic. Reporting from Huffpost, he felt the person displayed in the magazine was not him. In the magazine, Woodley was described according to the standards of beauty that he said made women feel bad, namely red lips, smooth skin, flat stomach, and the like. From there, Woodley revealed that he doesn’t wear makeup too often.

“I want to be myself. I think sometimes it’s fun to dress up for the Oscars or for certain events – I can be like a five year old again, wearing my Cinderella dress. However, for some events where the atmosphere is more relaxed, I just want to be myself.” Woodley told reporters on Flavorwire.

3. Demi Lovato started the hashtag #nomakeupmondays on social media by sharing her selfie

Demi Lovato is one of the supporting celebrities body positivity. No wonder she then embraces people to show her natural beauty. On social media, Demi once started the hashtag #nomakeupmondays by sharing selfie her without makeup. She wants her fans to know that it’s okay to take a break without makeup, that all women can be beautiful with or without makeup.

4. Beyonce isn’t afraid to appear without makeup, she is very confident with her natural beauty

Beyonce is practically unafraid to appear without make up. In his album, ‘Fearless’, he even says ‘I woke up like this’ by showing her natural face. Being a public figure in the music industry might go a little extreme if you post photos of uneven skin or unkempt hair. However, on social media, Beyonce often uploads photos of herself barefoot or without lipstick. Quoting from Buro, Beyonce likes the look of ‘no makeup’ makeup that looks heavy. She feels confident in her body, so even when she wears makeup, Beyonce remains focused on revealing her natural skin state.

5. Cara Delevigne thinks that being beautiful means being comfortable with ourselves, not necessarily with makeup

Even though a career in the world modeling, Cara is quite often found appearing without make up. Vogue reveals that Cara really likes mascara and concealer, but that was all he needed. According to this famous actress, beautiful means comfortable with what we wear and how we can take care of ourselves. To him, every woman is so strong and so extraordinary.

Bold and cool decisions and opinions, SoHip. If you think, makeup is that necessary?


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