This 7-year-old sister makes a living and takes care of the ODGJ’s mother, both of them live in a fragile hut that collapses easily – 1NEWS

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This sad story comes from a seven-year-old boy who has to be willing to take care of his mother ODGJ (People with Mental Disorders) alone in a small rickety hut.

Even though she is very young, the girl still takes care of her mother and is the backbone of her home. From feeding, combing her mother’s hair, cleaning the house, to making a living she does it herself.

Reporting from the YouTube channel Toiskandar iNews on Tuesday (31/8), the child’s mother lives in a bamboo hut, precisely in Kroya Village, Indramayu, West Java.

The bamboo booths are too fragile to be occupied. Not infrequently, they have to struggle with cold air and rain that hit.

To be able to eat, the little girl who was not named was selling used bottles. Other times, he can only wait for help from his neighbors.

Meanwhile, the mother who is being cared for has been sentenced to stress so that she cannot do any household activities.

Even though she was forced to be independent from an early age, the brown hooded girl admitted that she wasn’t tired of taking care of her mother, and she didn’t complain at all.

“It’s nice (to take care of mom),” he answered shyly when asked in the video.

After the story went viral, the local government stepped in and gave a helping hand to the little girl and her mother. Now, both have received treatment from the local social service.

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