This Father Is Willing To Go Around The Village To Find Used Uniforms So His Son Can Go To School – 1NEWS

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In order to fulfill his three children’s enthusiasm for school, a father from West Bayah Village, Lebak, Banten, had to be willing to go around his village to ask for used uniforms.

Economic limitations make Tanto Gunawan, have to swallow shame to see his children can go to school.

The man who works as a boat patcher has four children, three of whom are already in school, namely, Bagas Panca Wijaya (16), Teti Nurhayati (9), and Putri Nurhayati (7).

Despite their limitations, the three Tanto children are very excited about going to school.

“I’ve been around the village but haven’t gotten it yet. No one has been able to give uniforms to my children yet. Used uniforms are okay, the important thing is that they can still be worn,” said Tanto.

Because of his shortcomings, even the eldest Bagas was forced to wear a junior high school uniform, even though he was already attending a vocational high school in Bayah. Similar to Teti and Putri, both of them even had to change into uniforms.

“Just wear Muslim clothes, or later when my brother comes home from school, I’ll change the clothes,” said Tanto imitating his son.

Despite having an imperfect physical condition after the accident, Tanto admitted that he had not given up on continuing to work to send his children to school.

Even though his ship repair services have been quiet since the pandemic, Tanto feels it is enough to see his children who never complain despite living in hardship.

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