This Silver Boy Sets aside his income, even if it’s not much, to feed street cats – 1NEWS

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Living in poverty and having to make a living on the street did not stop Bagas from setting aside a little of his sustenance to feed street cats.

The boy, who works as a silver man every day, after work, goes to the mini market to buy cat food sachets. At least, per day Bagas set aside Rp. 7,000 from his income so that the street cats could eat.

Everyday, Bagas works as a silver man and often hangs out at traffic light intersections. With a small bucket that he always carried, he put in the coins he made from singing.

Reporting from the video uploaded to the Instagram account @cat_lovers_in_the_world, Bagas is often asked by the cashier of the minimarket, why buy cat food in the form of sachets? Bagas answered, because cats like to eat sachets of food. The brand that is purchased is not just any.

After that, the little boy would pay with the change taken from the white bucket he carried.

When feeding the cat on the street, Bagas is not careless. He first takes a piece of old paper, then cat food will be placed on it. Cara Bagas is full of affection.

It is known, Bagas and other silver children live in a mess. It could be that they are orphans who have dropped out of school. They also have to deposit Rp. 35,000 for living expenses while living there.

Bagas’s story went viral and received various positive responses from netizens. Many prayed for Bagas to have abundant sustenance and later become a successful child.

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