Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum, Baby Butt Skin Solution

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1NEWS – Almost the same as lotion, serum is a skincare product for hands and feet that should not be missed every day. The difference is, the serum has a higher nutrient content to protect the skin from UV exposure and is able to make the skin glow.

The Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum product is one of the best selling serum products in the market. This product is claimed to be able to brighten the skin in just a few seconds. This is because this product contains skin micro-droplets, which reflect light on the skin.

Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum contains micro-droplets from Vaseline Jelly which has 3x repairing benefits: restores skin moisture, retains skin moisture, and brings out hidden skin radiance.

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Interestingly, this serum absorbs quickly into the skin and is not sticky at all. Because it is a type of skin serum, Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum is rich in nutrients and has the same function as a moisturizer.

Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum has 3 variants, namely greentea which is rich in anti-oxidants.

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The citrus variant is rich in vitamin C which makes your skin fresh and shiny, and there is also a cranberry variant with collagen which makes the skin bright and glowing.

Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum packaging has tropical vibes packaging. There are leaf ornaments such as citrus, lemon. For its size, Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum is quite large, which is 200 ml. For the bottle, the Vaseline is flat. Slim bottle with fliptop cap.

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