10 Child Artists Who Have Been Branded Since Their Childhood; Shandy Aulia’s daughter becomes the CEO of Jewelry

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Building a business is one way for someone to get material. In addition to having an important role in economic life, having your own business certainly makes one no longer need to depend on superiors and can even open a job. This is in fact applied by celebrities in the country.

They don’t want to just relax in their comfort zone and choose to spin their money to invest in other fields. Starting from fashion, culinary arts, to animation companies. Interestingly, it is no longer using the artist’s big name to be used brands, instead using the name of the child in the hope that the business can be run by the baby when he is an adult. So who are the rows of artists who made it? brand himself for his young child? Here is the row.

1. Ryan Delon and Sharena make a brand fashion for her eldest son from the age of 6 months. Both hope that Ryshaka Dharma will have savings when he grows up

Sharena Delon’s children’s clothing line business | Credit: Instagram @babygottstyle

Ryshaka Dharma already made brand since childhood. Business Clothing line named Babygottstyle sells a variety of men’s clothing. His parents hoped the business could be an investment when Ry was an adult.

2. The Al Fatih outlet is Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Vishnu’s business for their children. Apart from being a name brand, Adam is also often a model of Muslim clothing

Al Fatih Kids outlet brand | Credit: Instagram @geraialfatihkids

Teuku Adam Al Fatih inspired his parents to make brand fashion itself with the name of the Al Fatih outlet. Teuku and Shireen focus on selling Muslim clothing for children.

Adam is often appointed as a model in a number of photo shoots. In addition to the Al Fatih outlet, the veteran soap opera actor also makes brand with the name Gerai Hawa which was again inspired by their second child, Cut Hawa Medina Al Fatih.

3. Still managed by the mother, Anji and Wina Natalia’s sons were also made brand itself under the name O-baby Saga. His business is focused on children’s clothes

Inspired by the style of Saga and his sister, Sigra. Anji ex Drive and Vienna Natalia then started a business fashion children. Just like Adam Al Fatih, Saga is also often a photoshoot model, you know!

4. Not fashion, Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven actually started a culinary business for their son, Kiano Tiger Wong. Outlet Father Kiano’s first is located in South Jakarta

Successfully becoming an artist and YouTuber, Baim Wong doesn’t want to just work in the same field. He also decided to expand his wings into the culinary business. Known as one of the public figures with a variety of businesses, including Ayam Gebug Ayahu, Donuthing, Wong Bara, Quinno Gelato Cakes, Bakmi Wong, Jhonny Wong Butter and most recently, Ayahu Kiano. The couple hopes that their son can invest in old age.

5. Known as a famous MC in Indonesia, Raffi Ahmad and his wife have made Rafathar a business since childhood. From animated films to clotting line

Thinking about the future of their child, Raffi Ahmad and Nagita made a business in the field of animated films and films brand clothes. Recently the child just did a photo shoot with Gempita for clothing line named Mylk by Rafathar.

6. Princess Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten also have brand own clothes with the name Gill by Giselle mini. It’s funny~

So one of the children of the artist who got the spotlight, Gisella took the initiative to make brand for the child. Besides being a style inspiration fashion Gempita Nora Marten, this business is expected to be a long-term investment.

7. In addition to having a business in the field of fashion, cosmetics and property, Jessica Iskandar also started her own business with the name Baby El Bakery

The woman with the nickname Jedar dedicates the results of her business to her son, EL Barack Alexander. Jessica’s income from this business is actually used to pay for El’s education from childhood to adulthood.

8. Nia Ramadhani had time to make fashion brands under the name NRab. Initially, many people liked Mikhayla’s style, that’s where Ardi Bakrie’s wife saw an opportunity

In 2017, Nia Ramadhani issued a fashion brands children with the name NRab. Inspired by the many netizens who like the look of Mikhayla Zalindra Bakrie. Even their first daughter was immediately used as a model for product catalog photos.

9. Focus on health products, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah make brand honey under the name AcioPlus. Her two children often appear as models too, lo

Unlike other artists who are in the culinary field too fashion, Ashanty prefers to issue a product in the health sector, namely honey. The honey brand was inspired by her daughter’s nickname, Arsy Hermansyah.

10. Less than a year, Shandy Aulia’s only daughter has become the CEO of jewelry, clothing line and also hair health products. Invest early!

Shandy Aulia has prepared a business for her child in the future. Claire Herbowo became CEO for several businesses, including Miss Claire Jewelry, Miss Claire by SAC, and Clairish by Miss Claire businesses. Each focuses on jewelry, clothing and hair health products.

That’s a row of artists who make businesses inspired by their children. Apart from being a long-term investment, the business is expected to be continued by the child when he grows up. Even as a sense of affection for the hard work that has been done by his parents.


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