10 People’s Reactions When They Get Wedding Invitations from Close Friends. I’m happy, but many don’t believe it

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Wedding is a happy moment that everyone is waiting for. Not only for those who do, but also family and closest relatives. Even if someone is not happy with the wedding, maybe it’s just the ex of the bride and groom. Hahaha, left married~

People’s reactions to receiving the wedding invitation vary. Not only filled with joy and emotion, there were also those who were shocked because they couldn’t believe it. Well, reaction hehe This kind of thing is usually done by friends themselves. Do not believe? Hipwee Entertainment have put together a few pieces chat a friend’s reaction when he got a wedding invitation. Listen!

1. After clearly saying “my celebration” his friend even said that he was stupid and asked who was getting married. The moment of emotion becomes funny

2. Instead of being happy, he even suspects his own friend who wants to get married. What kind of friend is this?! ️

It’s suspect. via twitter.com

3. Instead of being happy and enthusiastic to know that a friend gave an invitation, this person actually made fun of him as if he couldn’t believe it. This is real, wow!

Why even? via twitter.com

4. The reaction of friends when someone shows off wanting to get married, there are a thousand questions hanging from the ceiling of their heads. Still can’t believe it~

Still can’t believe it. via twitter.com

5. What is the story about people marrying pigs? It’s his fault too, it’s just hard to answer, his friend must be confused when he suddenly got married

If so, it’s really funny. :p via twitter.com

6. But not all of your friends’ reactions are as funny as the 5 cases above. There are also those who don’t expect it, but are sad that they can no longer speak :”)

Take part of happiness. via twitter.com

7. There is not much pleasantries. Well, things like this are usually notified long ago, so it’s not that surprising

Okay, I’m coming. Or sarcasm? via twitter.com

8. What really surprises me is not only because of the attitude of friends, but also because the person concerned has rarely hung out. Never appear suddenly married!

Obviously surprised. via twitter.com

9. So don’t joke too much. It’s your turn to tell seriously, friends don’t believe it

Do not believe. via twitter.com

10. In one hangout there must be a friend who heheits too late. Get back a little bit!

(((zina))) via twitter.com

Marriage is a happy moment for those who live, but shocks the closest friends. Maybe because it was sudden? Try it in advance, they will say, “Finally this time it really happened!” Everywhere friends really hehe, yes!

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