11 Hilarious Trophies from Competitions That Actually Don’t Really Matter. Champion Doesn’t Make You Proud

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When we were little, getting the trophy was really fun. Even though it’s just a trophy for an inter-school chess competition, this achievement makes our parents proud and is being exhibited everywhere. The trophy is the symbol that the winner needs. Without trophies, awards will not be effective.

But not all trophies can be proud of. It all depends on what championship is won. Because in fact in this world there are many championships that are actually not important to be contested. Like trophies in the following 11 races, who can be proud to own them?

1. Why win a race that is synonymous with gambling? No prestige

No prestige. | credit: (Facebook/Persatuan OP WARNET Indonesia) via www.facebook.com

2. The winner of the competition does not make you proud, it makes you ashamed. In the next championship you must participate!

Go there! | credit: (Instagram/lucu.me) via www.instagram.com

3. A competition in which the participants consist of boarding children. The only winner is the one who gets charged more fiercely than the one who collects it -_-

Shameless! | credit: (Instagram/lucu.abis) via www.instagram.com

4. There is a cone creation competition, the winning category is lucky. This cup is definitely not worth displaying in the living room cupboard. Shame! ️

Shy. | credit: 1cak.com via www.1cak.com

5. No wonder the shape of this cup is weird. Lha people the race is so weird -_-

Weird. | credit: ranker.com via www.ranker.com

6. It seems that every region in Indonesia needs this championship. It’s because there are brawls everywhere, so it’s all right. Destroy it

Competition is not educational! | credit: (Instagram/lucu.me) via www.instagram.com

7. The competition is calligraphy, but the trophy statue is that people are playing badminton. positive thinking It’s okay if yesterday the competition was making calligraphy on the badminton court

Positive vibes. | credit: (Instagram/lucu.me) via www.instagram.com

8. We have all been participants in this competition. We all deserve to be champions

Don’t admit it. | credit: (Instagram/lucu.me) via www.instagram.com

9. Tamiya Champion: build millions, the prize for the competition is not much. Huft :'(

Champion. | credit: (Facebook/Persatuan OP WARNET Indonesia) via www.facebook.com

10. Championships that need to be held regularly after Eid. The month of Shawwal is the month of marriage

The invitation has never been called. | credit: me.me via me.me

11. We are all part of this championship wkwk

Run, run, run. | credit: 1cak.com via www.1cak.com

Those are some trophies that are not proud. Getting the trophies actually makes us confused. If you want it to be displayed it’s not cool, you don’t want it to be displayed, you are afraid that it will be thought you don’t appreciate it, you want to throw it away too, dear. Yes, instead of being useless, it’s better to just take a photo, upload it, turn it into a meme, so it’s an article.

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